Debbie Johnson is known to most fans as Colt’s stubborn and sassy mother, 90-day fiancé, but Debbie shared a new side of herself on Instagram.

Fans of 90 day fiancé Meet Debbie Johnson as Colt’s sassy mom who isn’t afraid to share her thoughts and have heated discussions with other cast members. Her extremely close relationship with her son, who still lives with her, has been widely criticized by fans of the show. Debbie has proven to be a divisive member of the 90 days family, but many have shown their support in his latest Instagram posts.

Debbie Johnson first appeared alongside her son Colt and his ex-fiancee, Larissa, in season 6 of 90 day fiancé. Since then he has been in seasons four and five of Happy forever?and gave fans his take on other couples on Pillow talk. Debbie and her son have a unique relationship as they are very close. Colt was homeschooled by his mother and, as an adult with a wife, has continued to live with her. Debbie was not overly fond of Colt’s previous love interests on the show, but she seemed to get along very well with Colt’s new wife, Vanessa.

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While fans were entertained by Debbie’s critical side on 90 day fiancé, is also so fun and active on social media. She has been giving fans weekly throwback images on Instagram, and captions detail important events that occurred in the year the photo was taken. Fans have loved all the memories from his younger days, and one person commented “I am obsessed with Vintage Debbie!“Another went on to show their love for their setbacks, adding that they enjoy.”when he gives us background information on what happened during those years and through his eyes. “

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Debbie’s latest post from 1968 has hundreds of fan comments, including 90 days Angela, who was captivated by the image. Another fan said: “I love your photos with a little story note included!“Debbie has also shared memories with Colt when he was a baby who had a fan saying,”SUBWAYlove debbie she was beautiful. “Some fans were asking”makeup tips and hair tips from the 70s,“so they could recreate an appearance like hers.

Many wonder if this could lead to a Debbie book coming out soon, and one fan added that she “Photos and stories are better than anything else at TLC!! “Said another fan, “Oh, how beautiful you are!“while some were in love with her”luxurious hair. “Although he has faced some criticism from viewers in the past for things he has said on 90 day fiancé, there seems to be nothing but love for Debbie’s throwbacks.

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