While responding to a fan, 90-day fiancee Tiffany Franco claimed that she wears makeup from time to time. However, fans think that she is being dishonest.

Tiffany Franco was dragged by 90 day fiancé viewers for stating that she puts on makeup only a few times a month. Tiffany is a beauty influencer, so it doesn’t make sense that she only chooses to wear makeup every now and then. It is not the first time that Tiffany has annoyed her fans. She was previously mocked for seemingly making the worst decision of her life to marry Ronald Smith. Tiffany decided to marry the South African native even after seeing his lackluster behavior and learning of his dark past and criminal record.

Tiffany now blames him for not earning enough to support her financially. A lots of 90 day fiancé Fans are also upset to see that Tiffany has made some questionable parenting decisions in the past. Right after marrying Ronald, she became pregnant, knowing that he would not be ready to be a responsible father. His son, Daniel, first lost his biological father and now thinks of Ronald as his father. But mommy of two and 90 day fiancé The star Tiffany is also willing to divorce him. Now, the reality TV star is making unconvincing statements on Instagram about her makeup routine.

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Tiffany recently had a “craziest confessions” session on Instagram. A fan asked him: “Would you ever not wear makeup?” She answered, “I wear makeup like three times a month.” A lots of 90 day fiancé fans may know that Tiffany works as a makeup artist in Maryland. Your job is to experiment with different shades and first try the makeup on your own face and skin. Many fans think that Tiffany is being dishonest. A fan reposted his answer on Reddit with the title, “Why are you lying, Tiffany?

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Other 90 day fiancé fan said, “Why lie? Makeup is her job / passion.“Other comments read”Does she have a different definition of what makeup is than the rest of us?“”Yes, as a beauty vlogger, it makes perfect sense to wear makeup only 3 times a month.” Y “Someone forgot a zero at the end of that “3 days” claim.” A few 90 day fiancé Fans argued that Tiffany frequently posts makeup tutorials on her Instagram, and her grid shows that she applied makeup more than three times a month.

Tiffany’s loyal fans appreciated her makeup skills and encouraged her to be open about wearing makeup more often. The TLC star may generally only wear foundation, mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick and not regard it as makeup. Many people think of makeup products as basic as they are essential for day-to-day life. Tiffany, who flaunted her new hair transformation, is very good at putting on makeup. So you should own your craft and flaunt it as much as you can. It is also possible that she was only joking to make 90 day fiancé the fans laugh.

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