The long-awaited follow-up to horror fan Joe Hill from Basketful Full of Heads finally hits comic book stands this fall, just in time for Halloween.

In 2019, DC released its independent book horror line known as Hill House Comics under its adult-oriented Black Label imprint as a means of further embracing the diversity among its superhero-centric comic book publishing. Founded by horror / suspense writer Joe Hill (Locke and key), Hill House Comics quickly gained prominence with Hill and artist Leomacs (Lucifer) seven-issue miniseries Basket full of heads. The series saw a teenage girl named June Branch at the heart of a mystery. Basket full of heads was a hit with readers and critics and it sold more than a million copies on its initial release. While a Basket full of heads The sequel has remained idle discussions through the creators of the series, nothing was ever really concrete … until now.

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According to DC Comics, the upcoming six-issue sequel series titled Refrigerator full of heads Once again you will venture to the land of Brody Island, where the violent ax used to torture the inhabitants of the original series remains. Instead of simply resetting the characters that appear in the previous story, Refrigerator full of heads will follow a hapless new couple in Calvin Beringer and Arlene Fields, who inadvertently come into contact with the evils surrounding the legendary island. Joining both the couple and the readers will be a whole new cast of mysterious Brody inhabitants who may turn out to be friends or foes. At the center of the chaos appears to be the ax, which is hinted to be discovered just in time to begin a new era of violence and mayhem.

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Refrigerator full of DC heads

It’s often easy to forget that the comic book medium can be used as a platform for storytelling other than caped heroes and costumed crusaders. Horror comics are becoming scarcer in a comics landscape increasingly dictated by the cinematic box office. Image Comics had a hit with Robert Kirkman’s long zombie story The Walking Dead while Dark Horse Comics are for Mike Mignola’s paranormal detective Hellboy. As DC Comics prepares to return to the world of Basket full of heads, the publication of superheroes means that they can also be in the ring of horror.

DC comics’ Refrigerator full of heads # 1 will launch for select comic book retailers on October 19.

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