Ryan Reynolds has not been silent in promoting his new movie, Free boy. Whether he uses his brand of alcohol on Twitter or Deadpool on YouTube, Reynolds is a one-man promo team, and the first reviews of the video game-based action comedy are now available, and the question is whether Free boy Does it live up to the hilarious premise set forth by the trailer, or is it a case where all the best bits are bundled together in a two-minute preview?

Free boy go Ryan reynolds playing Guy, a non-player character in a video game. He works as a bank teller and just goes about “life” as scheduled. When game developers, played by Killing EvaJodie Comer and Strange things star Joe Keery, creates a show that is added to the game by its publisher (Taika Waititi), Guy suddenly realizes his existence in the game world. What follows is his attempt to go from a nondescript background character to a hero as he races to save the game before its developers can shut it down.

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Reynolds has definitely been building a profitable reputation for himself in Hollywood, with almost everything he touches turning into big, stinky piles of box office receipts. While many are still waiting for official news from Marvel on when it will bring Deadpool fully to the MCU, Free boy It’s the first in a long list of movies to be enjoyed in the meantime, but is it another hit or a very rare failure?

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CinemaBlendMike Reyes kicked off the reviews with loads of praise for the film, particularly highlighting the world created by Reynolds and director Shawn Levy. “#FreeGuy is everything I was hoping for, and something more. @ShawnLevyDirect and @VancityReynolds have created a scathingly satirical and wildly hilarious universe. I loved this movie and can’t wait to see it again, because there are times when I absolutely KILL with an audience. “

FandangoNikki Novak was filled with similar applause for Reynolds’ latest offering, hoping it would be a huge hit with her fans and the general public. She said: “#FreeGuy is a pleasure and will be a hit. A video game movie that makes you feel like you’re on a VG. RR is the cinematic equivalent of Ted Lasso (glass half full, full of fabulous lines & so damn nice Jodi Comer is a movie star (ahem Marvel). SMART AND ORIGINAL! GALORE SURPRISE! “

Steven Weintraub of Collider agreed with the sentiment, commenting, “I’m happy to report that the @VancityReynolds and @ ShawnLevyDirect team on #FreeGuy is amazing. It’s a fun and feel-good movie that made me smile from start to finish. Plus the movie has a surprise or two that are legitimate blew my mind. Watch it as soon as you can to avoid spoilers. “

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And this seemed to be the general consensus with the first few takes. The film hits theaters exclusively on August 13, so it won’t take long to see if the excitement for the film carries over to audiences, who will have to take a trip to the theater to see it. It seems pretty sure that Free boy is going to release a host of new Reynolds projects in style.

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