Embark on a journey to Gloomwood, a thrilling stealth action adventure filled with retro flair and a mix of two classic genres.

Throughout the history of video games, many incredible series have appeared and disappeared, whether they are victims of an ever-changing landscape or lacking the ability to serve current trends. However, one of the best things about the indie game scene is its ability to bring back long-dead series with tributes that are almost in name a sequel to favorite series of the past. This is just what developers Dillon Rogers and David Szymanski are trying to do with the next game. Gloomwood. Recently shown as part of the New Blood Interactive exhibit and the PC Gaming Show during E3, Gloomwood aims to create a tribute to the early classic 3D PC games of the 90s while at the same time making something new and exciting.

Gloomwood, At first glance, it appears to be another throwback shooter with an early 3D visual aesthetic, but upon closer inspection, players will find that this first-person shooter has more in common with the classic series. Thief and immersive shooters like BioShock what Earthquake Y CONDEMN. Gloomwood Combine first-person shooter with stealth mechanics in a BioShock-as an immersive simulator to create a familiar experience for fans of the classic Thief stealth game, but also for those who enjoy survival horror and a bit of shooter action.

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destroying enemies on the victorian streets

To say that Gloomwood it is Thief adjacent is an understatement, but not a recreation. Gloomwood It swaps tightly crafted linear medieval levels for a more open-world approach and Victorian setting, but the feel of the overall experience is just as moody and bleak. On Gloomwood, Players are a dangerous assassin named Outsider, kidnapped and taken to a huge Victorian city transformed by evil. A dense fog has engulfed the city, bringing with it a curse and all manner of horrors. Players will have to use their wits and a suitcase full of weapons to escape the sprawling metropolis alive.

The game is where Gloomwood begins to stand on his own two feet. GloomwoodThe protagonist is not a master thief concerned with avoiding danger, but a master assassin who takes all threats head on. Fortunately for gamers, the assassin is armed to the teeth with an arsenal of fantastic, period-appropriate and superbly crafted weapons. Players can wield a Victorian cane sword, high-caliber revolver, folding shotgun, traps, and even a harpoon rifle. Players must know when to attack, when to fight, and when to flee. Gloomwood it often features new and exciting ways to navigate the city just around the corner.

The city’s environment is a sprawling metropolis that encourages free-form exploration, giving players the feeling that there is always another secret to find, another route to follow. Players can sneak around town, lean into corners, and eavesdrop on enemies to gather valuable information, or even cover ledges, allowing the protagonist to gain a valuable advantage over unsuspecting enemies. The stealth system tracks the visibility of both sound and light, as does Thief did, doing GloomwoodThe stealth mechanics feel realistic and exciting. Pistols and projectile weaponry may be players’ first instinct, but many encounters can be resolved with careful stealth and the edge of the cane sword while silently taking down enemies. Very similar Dishonor, Gloomwood often feels like an evolution of the classic Thief gameplay, with its stealth action feel as exciting as it was in the 90s.

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delivering a stealth death from above

Gloomwood it’s also packed with interactive and immersive details, as immersive simulations tend to be. A particular example of this is the way Gloomwood presents its inventory system. Rather than using a screen to display weapons and gear, the player’s inventory is contained in a suitcase in the world that the protagonist drops on the ground and opens to rearrange and check items. Players can also collect various items to throw, smash, or use with the game’s detailed sound mechanics to distract and confuse enemies. Players can even check ammo counts by physically checking weapons, adding another layer of subtle immersion, and doing Gloomwood feel like BioShock or Dishonor.

General, Gloomwood it feels like a modern combination of two classic games wrapped in a throwback visual aesthetic. GloomwoodThe attention to detail and stealth action gameplay make it feel fresh and exciting while keeping just enough of that classic DNA at the forefront. Right now, a demo is available on Steam and the full release of this unique mashup is coming soon to give players the opportunity to stalk the streets from the shadows.

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