Hitman 3’s latest Seven Deadly Sins downloadable content has been revealed, as Agent 47 enters a world of lust and betrayal in a striking new suit.

Developer IO Interactive has released a new trailer for the upcoming Hitman 3 DLC – Seven Deadly Sins: Lust – featuring a first look at Agent 47’s eye-catching scarlet suit, as well as his deadly new weapons. The World of Assassination trilogy concluded with Hitman 3 in January 2021, to waves of commercial and critical success. After a mere week on the market, IOI revealed that sales of Hitman 3 I had already covered the cost of the entire game development.

Since then, IOI has been releasing a variety of new content for Hitman 3. So far, along with updates to the game, fans have been able to participate in several new DLCs, each focusing on one of the Seven Deadly Sins. These have been comprised of Greed, Pride, and Sloth so far, with the final sins revealed at a later date. Each DLC has offered additional mission content for Hitman 3players, including new outfits, weapons, and escalations. These have incorporated a rather gregarious mirrored suit called “The Narcissist” in the Pride DLC (where players found themselves under the instructions of a particularly pompous peacock) and an oversized frog piggy bank in the Greed DLC. And now, Hitman 3 fans get their first look at act four within the Seven Deadly Sins: Lust collection.

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In the new preview of the Hitman 3 Lust DLC, fans can get a closer look at what will be available to them when it arrives later this month. As with previous installments in the Seven Deadly Sins collection, Agent 47 is once again dressed in a striking new costume. This time, the deadly assassin is dressed in “The Scarlet Suit,” which, as the names suggest, is a deep crimson snakeskin number. Along with this new set, Agent 47 will also be equipped with new weapons to add to his arsenal, including “The Serpent’s Tongue” and “The Serpent’s Bite”, at the launch of the DLC. And, of course, there will be the usual Hitman 3 climbing to play, this time titled “The Lust Assignation”. The full trailer can be seen below.

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Hitman 3 Players will be able to purchase this latest Seven Deadly Sins DLC on July 27, 2021. It will be available individually for $ 4.99 or can be purchased as part of the full Seven Deadly Sins collection for $ 29.99. If someone has missed the previous three installments in the collection, these will also be available for purchase.

In addition to adding new content to the final installment of their World of Assassination trilogy, IOI has also been working on Project 007, a next James bond video game that will focus on the history of the origin of the spy. It is currently unclear if, when the Seven Deadly Sins series concludes, IOI will continue to add more updates for Hitman 3, or if your attention will be diverted from ICA Agent 47 to focus more intensely on the illustrious Agent 007 of the British Government.

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Hitman 3 is available to play now on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X platforms | S.

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