Meals have always been a staple of the Monster Hunter series. Monster Hunter Stories 2 has players grill their own meats for decent rewards.

The beginning of Monster Hunter 2: Wings of Ruin stories starts like any other Monster hunter play. The player character is new and inexperienced when it comes to the ways of the world, only knowing what the elders have passed on to them in the game and basic training. The weapon and armor crafting mechanics will also be recognizable to veteran hunters and horsemen, as players will have to defeat monsters to be rewarded with their parts to upgrade equipment. While most monsters only offer crafting materials, there are a handful of monsters that offer raw meat. This is an item that players can use to cook well done steaks.

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Other titles in the Monster hunter The series uses Well-Done Steaks as a stamina recovery item. Typically, the player’s stamina decreases over time during missions and expeditions, and a well-done steak replenishes what was lost. It could also be used to temporarily increase a player’s stamina for the mission if the player’s stamina was not already maxed out. On Monster Hunter 2 stories, Well done steaks are items that can only be used during combat. A well done steak will restore 150 HP with use, then gradually recover more HP over five turns. It is a single-use item and was traditionally available to players who used the grill to cook raw meat.

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How to grill meat in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Monster Hunter Switch

Grill on Monster Hunter 2 Stories is a key item located in the item bag that players have at the beginning of the game. Although the item description is “A tool used to grill delicious raw meat”, players cannot grill the meat in Monster Hunter 2 stories. Instead, players will need to head to the Quest Board and accept side quests that reward well-done steaks in exchange for raw meat. As players progress through the story and travel to new villages, new repeatable food missions will be available that will reward other foods in exchange for raw meat. For example, here are some examples of side quests and their rewards that involve raw meat:

  • Mahana Village – Well done steak coming soon! (Reward 2 steaks well done)
  • Rutoh Village – Hot Muscle Meat (Reward 4 Muscle Meat)
  • Kuan people – Toughness MEar is a Treat (Reward 2 Toughness Meat)
  • Lulucion – Fast food: fast meat (reward 2 fast meat)
  • Lulucion – High Stakes: Gourmet steak (reward 2 gourmet steaks)

Each raw meat sub-quest after the Mahana Village quest asks for an additional ingredient to be delivered, such as mint or honey, which can be found in the respective area. Once players collect all the ingredients for Sub Quest, they can return to the Quest Board to complete the task and claim their reward from the grill. The raw meat source changes from place to place and can be found by winning fights against the tamest monsters. These monsters are the herbivores of Monster Hunter 2 stories, and can usually be found when leaving the starting area of ​​a village. Aptonoth, Larinoth, Apceros, Popo, Y Slagtoth are examples of monsters that grant raw meat when defeated.

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Monster Hunter 2: Wings of Ruin stories is available for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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