Even? Odd? Sounds a little … Dicey.

lost at random

Electronic Arts and Zoink have revealed a release date for their next game Lost at random. The reveal came during the packed EA Play Live event. The game will be published by EA Originals, the independent game publisher of Electronic Arts.

Lost at random offers a dark adventure that shows the journey of two sisters, Even and Odd, who are separated by an evil Queen who controls a mysterious black dice. EA game description explains the premise in rich details:

Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Random, a mad queen who controlled a mysterious black die. By his decree, each child of Random would have the honor of rolling the dice on their twelfth birthday to determine which realm of the realm they belonged to, thus deciding their fate for all eternity. Roll one and the boy would be sent to Onecroft, destined to live a life of struggle. Roll a three and land in Threedom, a chaotic kingdom destroyed by civil war. Roll a six and they would live a life of luxury in the dark palace of the Queen. Or so it was said …

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This Tim Burton-this fairy tale goes on even as she tries to find her lost sister, Odd, from whom she was separated by the throwing of the dice. Along the way, Even befriends an undead whom he affectionately calls Dicey. Even and Dicey fight their way through the six realms of Random together as they encounter wacky characters, complete quests, and uncover a dark Random secret.

One combat method that players will be able to use is trading coins for battle cards. These cards unlock different battle moves that Even can use against various enemies. However, this not all; Dicey possesses mysterious special powers of her own that offer players the opportunity to alter their environment to further solve the dark secret plaguing their mission and adventure.

This beautifully crafted dark fairy tale is heading to Nintendo Switch on September 10.

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