Rachel and José are newlyweds in season 13 of Married At First Sight. They have an interesting background and a lot of potential for compatibility.

Rachel and Jose from Married at first sight They are one of five new couples on the show, and we’re about to share some cool facts about the newlyweds. Although the Married at first sight The season 13 premiere did not give audiences a clear indication of what Rachel and José’s marriage will look like, their background gives an idea of ​​how compatible the couple may or may not be. From their childhood and career to José’s controversial marriage expectations, there is much to learn about Rachel and José.

Married at first sight it has had uneven results during its 7 years of life. Fans have seen incredible marriages come out of the reality series, such as the union between Anthony D’Amico and Ashley Petta from season 5. They are currently raising two daughters. On the other hand, Married at first sight It has produced some couples who have suffered real emotional damage during their time on the show. Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk from season 8 are a prime example of how Married at first sightMatchmakers may fail their newlyweds, as Luke was accused of cheating on Kate during their brief marriage. Hopefully, Rachel and Jose will become another one of the Lifetime series success stories, rather than another horror story.

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Rachel, 33, is a native of Houston. Rachel joined Married at first sight season 13 because she finally wants to find a man who is trustworthy enough to be her husband. Rachel is familiar with marital problems, as her parents divorced when she was young. Although Rachel is an adult now, with a career as a special education evaluator, she still has insecurities when it comes to her relationships. Unfortunately, Rachel revealed that she was recently cheated on by an ex-boyfriend. This amplified her anxiety about her relationships. Nicknamed “the blossoming bride”, Rachel can only hope that she and Jose stay together after Married at first sight, so that you can break your tragic pattern of failed relationships.

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Jose raquel

Like Rachel, Jose has also had trouble finding a partner who is in it for the long haul. Originally from Pearland, Texas, José knows what it’s like to rush. José admitted that his childhood was difficult because his parents struggled to provide for their family. Today, José is a 35-year-old missionary flight specialist who wants to have a family of his own. José has had trouble finding a woman interested in settling down. Another reason that José has struggled to find the right woman is his high standards, which have earned him the nickname, “Mr. perfectionist.” During the Married at first sight premiere, Jose shared that he was prepared to ask Rachel a series of questions. This list of questions immediately demonstrated how José’s nickname fits his perfectionist personality.

Rachel and Jose may not seem like the most natural couple, but they have a lot in common. If they can overcome Rachel’s insecurity and José’s high maintenance demands, this couple could become one of the most devoted couples of season 13. Hopefully, Rachel and José’s shared desire for a long and stable marriage will convert them. in one of the Married at first sightlatest success stories.

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