CBS just released a teaser for their upcoming CSI Renaissance, CSI: Vegas. Revealed in a tweet on Wednesday, the teaser includes some tantalizing clues about the new series, as well as confirmation of an official premiere date. CSI: Vegas It will air starting October 6 on CBS.

The teaser also features many familiar faces, with the respective returns of William petersen like Gil Grissom, Lorja fox as Sarah Sidle, and Paul guilfoyle Like Detective Jim Brass. But we also get a glimpse of some new members of the forensic team, including Paula Newsome, Matt Luria, Y Mandeep Dhillon. Wallace langham, Jamie McShane, Y Mel Rodriguez they are also configured as a star. Beyond the old versus the new, the teaser also emphasizes truth versus lies. “In the end, all you can do is tell the truth,” insists Grissom’s voice-over. “I hope the evidence does not disagree.”

CSI Gil and Sara

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At a modest 20 seconds long, that teaser may not sound like much, but CSI enthusiasts, the evidence is already starting to accumulate. Previous announcements have hinted at “an existential threat that could bring down the Crime Lab,” and the earlier teaser suggested that threat could be falsified evidence, questioning any number of cases that were based on the Crime Lab’s analysis. “The truth lies here”, as the teaser says, in a delicious snippet of double meaning. But how can the CSI team take down a criminal who can falsify any evidence, and who could pull it off without their level of expertise?

It’s a timely pick for the franchise, which questions how any evidence can be trusted and focuses its attention on how science separates fact from fiction. It also introduces an intriguing serialized element into a previously highly episodic formula, which has already been teased as capable of spanning multiple seasons. Both are smart moves to inject new life into one of the largest franchises in CBS history, which spawned a series of spin-offs, including CSI Miami, CSI: New York, Y CSI: cyber. “I am excited to bring back the ‘CSI’ franchise to all of our fans who have been so loyal to us all these years,” said the executive producer. Jerry bruckheimer. “And being back in Las Vegas, where it all started more than 20 years ago, makes it even more special.”

CSI: Vegas premieres October 6 on CBS. Check out the teaser below!

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