Shonen Jump Mashle: Magic and Muscles, Vol. 1 demolishes the world of Harry Potter in a story that lacks depth but contains jokes.

Being the cultural touchstone that it is, the world of Harry Potter parodies is almost as vast as the actual magical world of JK Rowling. While its title is not as obvious as that of Benjamin Sniddlegrass and the Penguin Cauldron, The first volume compiled in English by Viz Media from Mashle: magic and muscles it is then direct on your references, it seems custom made by Shonen jump to tickle or enrage Potter-heads.

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Once you get used to its strange specificity, creator Hajime Komoto’s manga is a lot of fun. As the title suggests, the world of Mashle it is one dominated by those with magical leanings, and in the traditional western sense of Latin sounding wands and incantations. The young protagonist Mash Burnedead, however, is one of the few exceptions to the norm, which has led him to cultivate a powerhouse of a body that is so well defined that each of its muscles has a name. Dissatisfied with his lot in life, Mash decides that despite his lack of some magical ability, he will apply to become a student at the prestigious Easton Academy of Magic and work his way up to becoming a Divine Visionary using only his fists, in the hope that the position will allow him and his non-magical grandfather one more life. peaceful.

Volume of mash 1

Much of the first volume of Mashle, comprising the series’ initial eight chapters, unfolds as a series of Harry Potter He nods, from Komoto’s version of Quidditch to a near-visual copy of Richard Harris’s Dumbledore to learn an unlocking spell. Each of these cases Komoto uses to stridently take down the intolerant wizarding community using Mash’s feats of superhuman strength. You’re basically working your way, in both senses of the word, through an environment that prioritizes non-physical means to perform even the most basic tasks. You’d think the gag would turn into a note pretty quickly, and it’s a credit to so much to Komoto’s deadpan dialogue, comedic timing, and derpy facial expressions that the humor constantly lands. It’s the kind of goof that fans of YouTube’s raunchy, raunchy chaos parody royalty as OneyNG Cartoon (also infamous for his own Harry Potter skits) will certainly appreciate.

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For both your advantage and your disadvantage, Mashle it also exists in the shadow of another well-established shonen parody, One hit man. Not only is Komoto’s art style very comparable to ONE’s original web comic amateur drawing, in particular the derpy faces mentioned above, but Mash’s non-positive reactions to the fantastic world around him and KO’s skill of a single hit also remind a lot of Saitama. Working against Mashle In this comparison, which is hard to beat, is the incredible detail in Yusuke Murata’s illustrations for the One hit man manga, which Komoto’s unflattering simplicity sadly can’t compete with. Where art shows signs of promise, however, is in its action it spreads; Not to mention some of his more dynamic character poses, like Komoto’s apparent preference for elongated and exaggerated legs.

Volume of mash 1

Weather Mashle Vol. 1 It is an easy and fun read, it is also light in its construction and characterization of the world. Much of it assumes an existing familiarity with your very specific benchmarks to do the heavy lifting in that regard; in fact, there is almost a presumption on the part of the creator that the reader will care too much about its lack of depth; Getting to the next joke, on the other hand, seems to be the most pressing concern. However, there is certainly room for a more expansive plot, sparked in the not-so-subtle critique of the story’s elitism. Again this is something Harry Potter very prominent, but Mash’s true outsider identity (an anti-Chosen) has much more of a ring of sympathy than a wealthy and famous orphan who fails by virtue of his birthright.

Then again, there are still simple pleasures to be drawn from the book: Considering that Rowling is no longer exactly the flavor of the month, seeing someone demolish a clear copy of the empire she erected with her bare fists might be the catharsis some fans need. .

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