Meri Brown is getting a lot of attention from fans and the media lately. The Sister Wives star really seems to be enjoying the spotlight.

Meri Brown of Sister wives She seems to be delighted with all the hype and attention she gets from her Instagram followers. Sister wives Viewers thought Kody Brown’s first wife would be struggling with her current family dynamic, but Meri is thriving in her own world. In fact, there has been a total makeover.

Meri once held a place of honor thanks to being the first wife. However, after her divorce and catfish problem, she has fallen to last place. During her years on the show, Meri has garnered a lot of support from viewers. One’s mother used to share that she felt unloved and extremely lonely. It didn’t help her confidence when Kody told viewers last season that he had no desire for her. In turn, Meri has apparently become estranged from her entire family. She lives alone in her big house.

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Due to the pandemic, Mary she was forced to be alone much more. However the Sister wives Star made the most of her time in isolation. She worked on her brows, started trying different makeup styles, and even improved her fashion game. Meri enjoys working as a freelance consultant for the clothing company LuLaRoe. It is obvious to fans that she has been testing the products as she has sported graphic tees and loose dresses. Meri’s followers are liking what they see.

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Reality star Meri has been posting selfies to show her brilliance. The TLC star has also been posting videos of herself hanging out with friends, trying to show that she can have a good time without her fellow sisters, wives, or husband. Meri’s “Friday with Friends” mini-podcast is an Instagram hit. He is often told that his laughter is contagious. She presents “Friday with Friends” with her best friend, Jenn Sullivan. Meri does not include Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown, Christine Brown, or Kody in her videos. The Sister wives Favorite is looking to make her way in the world alone, at least in the realm of social media.

The season ended with a lot of division among the cast members. Christine wanted to go back to Utah, but Robyn didn’t want to uproot the children. As for Kody, it seems like he hasn’t been able to make up his mind about what to do with his family. The Browns still have land in Arizona that they haven’t started on yet. Janelle has moved into him with a luxury motorhome, but a house has yet to be built. TLC viewers are hoping to see a breakthrough in their relationship in the upcoming season of Sister wives.

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