As the Ten Kingdoms pick up the pieces after The War of the Realms, Asgard’s bond from Earth has everyone else notably disappointed in Thor.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Thor Annual # 1, on sale now from Marvel.

The Ten Kingdoms reached their lowest point during the 2019 crossover event. War of the Realms as the Dark Elf Malekith blazed a bloody path of destruction through all the worlds that stood in his way, including Earth. And though Malekith was ultimately defeated, the various kingdoms are still picking up the pieces of his rampage a year from the incident, with a familiar Avenger selected to represent Earth on the Council of Kingdoms to prevent another tragedy from occurring. : Hawkeye. And while Clint Barton is more than happy to take on the job, no one in the other realms seems particularly pleased with the Avenging Archer’s selection.

The Kingdoms war it had become almost uncontrollable because the various kingdoms had not functioned together properly as Malekith constantly grew in power, through murder and cunning as he built his armies. This was due to a breakdown between relations between Asgard and Midgard, the Norse term for Earth, as a new Thor temporarily replaced Odinson while Asgard’s link to SHIELD, operative Roz Solomon, took on the Roxxon Corporation while he was silently allying himself. with Malekith’s alleged conquest of Asgard and the rest of the Ten Kingdoms. Now, with Thor on the throne as the new Asgardian Father, the God of Thunder advances with an old ally to be Midgard’s new representative on the Council of Realms, as revealed in Thor Annual # 1 by Aaron Kuder, Cam Smith, Chris O’Halloran and Joe Sabino from VC: Clint Barton wasn’t anyone’s first choice.

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Realms Hawkeye League

Clint was unaware of the circumstances behind Hawkeye’s selection to the council, as he joins his fellow representatives as part of the Asgard envoy at the first council meeting in the light elven realm of Alfheim. The other representatives eagerly await Spider-Man to join the council, given his prominent role in repelling Malekith from Earth, and are audibly disappointed when Hawkeye arrives, much to Clint’s understandable chagrin. And to add to Hawkeye’s mounting embarrassment, the council reveals that they considered Black Panther and even the Punisher before finally settling on Hawkeye, with all other intentional candidates either too busy or unavailable to take the position.

Given his power set, Hawkeye has always been one of the most street-level figures among Earth’s mightiest heroes, mixing him with gods and monsters with a well-placed joke and arrow. Despite years of superhero experience, both solo and with the Avengers, Clint has yet to earn the respect he deserves among the various kingdoms and will have to do everything he can to prove that he is worthy of serving on this council, as you have already discovered. under attack from a fearsome threat from across the Marvel Multiverse.

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Thor Hawkeye confusion

Hawkeye is the only Avenger who, despite being a fixture on the team for years, cannot command a shred of respect on Earth or in the Ten Kingdoms. Reflecting Midgard, the fantasy general public expected the most striking and iconic superheroes in the Marvel Universe to work with them, not some guy with deceptive arrows as a calling card. And while Clint may be eager to prove his detractors wrong, he will always be annoyed that it was not anyone’s first, second, or even third choice to represent Earth’s superhero community as the Ten Kingdoms continue to rebuild from. events on Earth. War of the Realms.

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