The House of the Dragon production was closed due to a positive case of COVID-19. How will it affect the future launch date of the program and the established schedule?

After many in the industry thought it was clear for series and movies again, the positive cases of COVID-19 have wreaked havoc on the closure of many production sets, the latest of which involves the highly anticipated game of Thrones prequel, Dragon House. The new series is based on the Fire and blood book by A song of ice and fire author George RR Martin, giving the public a look at the Targaryen reign nearly 200 years before the game of Thrones timeline. Dragon House is the first of those announced by HBO game of Thrones spinoffs to reach official production, having started filming in late April 2021.

When COVID-19 began to rise in the spring of 2020, many movies and TV shows were delayed for a significant time after their original projected release dates. Of July Black widow It was originally scheduled to launch in May 2020, Strange things Season 4 was supposed to start filming in February 2020, and Indiana Jones 5, which didn’t start production until recently, was originally supposed to premiere on July 9, 2021. Dragon HouseProduction started once many countries saw a decrease in cases and an increase in the number of vaccinations, so the outlook appeared to be positive.

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After almost three months of full production, Dragon House had a positive case in the filming of HBO in the United Kingdom. According to Term, the positive test came from “zone A,” which means a cast or crew member contracted COVID. Dragon House has been quite secretive about who was affected, though THAT the reported production is already up and running again, which means it was probably not one of the main players who had close contact with the other key players. HBO has yet to release an official delay to its 2022 release date, so its premiere may be safe from significant extensions. The two-day production shutdown may not sound like much, but it could mean a few weeks or months of setback, as HBO will likely impose much stricter preventive measures.

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Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen, Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower and Steve Toussaint as Corlys Velaryon in House of the Dragon

One of the first movies to see a significant delay in the spread of COVID on set was Robert Pattinson’s. The batman, which had its production closed early when Pattinson himself tested positive. The batmanCOVID production was delayed multiple times, which ended up pushing back its planned release date from June 2021 to March 2022. Dragon House haven’t seen as many set restrictions or recurring positive tests as The batman had, the release date may still be pushed back to ensure more precautions limiting the amount of spread on set. The batmanThe team was only shut down for two weeks after Pattinson’s positive test, though with subsequent related production delays, the release date was pushed back another five months, a trend. Dragon House hopefully you won’t have to follow it.

Currently, most of the major productions closing for COVID are in the UK, with Netflix Bridgerton see multiple positive tests and the new Matilda adaptation that has a pandemic-related hiatus. As the Delta variant runs through the UK and now the US, Dragon House It probably won’t be the last major production to have positive cases and a close. Since Dragon House never announced a hard release date with only 2022 as its estimate, the hope for HBO is that Dragon House It is not delayed again and is brought to a premiere in 2023.

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