After more than a month in Russia, Julia Trubkina has returned to the US, and even received a hero’s welcome from her beloved German Shepherd Simba.

After more than a month in Russia, Julia has returned home to Brandon, but it wasn’t just him. 90 day fiancé Star’s husband, who was very happy to see her. Julia’s beloved German Shepherd Simba has become a fan favorite on her Instagram, and Brandon recently shared a video of the ecstatic puppy welcoming his mother home. Fans loved watching the heartwarming clip, though it did raise some unexpected questions about Julia and Brandon’s life situation.

In this season of 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After?, Brandon and Julia are still struggling to get out of Brandon’s parents’ farm, but are closing in on independence. The couple finally signed the lease for a new apartment. Although Brandon’s parents tried to dissuade them, Brandon and Julia seem excited to start a life together, just the two of them. Outside of the program, Julia has spent more than a month in Russia and recently returned home, although not before she was detained by the police.

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Brandon is clearly happy to have his wife home, although Julia’s dog Simba is even more excited. By the way Simba reacts on BrandonIn the last video, you would think that Julia was a soldier returning from war. In the video, Simba speeds towards Julia to welcome her home and jumps with unbridled joy. The video also includes some clips of Julia training Simba to kiss and helping him swim in the pool. Fans loved the video and since Julia had a fall from grace within the franchise, the heartwarming clip could help rehab her image.

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The comment section was full of fans raving about how sweet the video was, with some fans even suggesting that Julia should get a job as a dog trainer. However, for many fans, the video raised questions, such as where Julia and Brandon live now and if Simba lives with them. The clips of Simba welcoming Julia home appear to have been filmed at Brandon’s family farm, but the clips of Simba’s training could have been filmed at Brandon and Julia’s new apartment. If Brandon and Julia really moved in, fans also wondered if Simba is living with them or stayed on the farm.

Some 90 day fiancé Fans seemed to enjoy the video, but for others, it simply raised more questions about the polarized couple. However, even those who speculated about his life situation could agree that the dog’s response to his owner’s return was quite adorable. Many fans criticize Julia, but it is clear that Simba adores her. Although there is a lot of hatred against the stars of the franchise, with such a devoted furry friend by her side, Julia should have no trouble turning off the noise.

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