After the box office disappointment of Blade Runner 2049, Warner Bros. is changing its marketing strategy by showcasing the humor and action of Dune.

Denis Villeneuve seems to be learning from Blade Runner 2049‘s failure to do Dune more accessible to a general audience. Up to now, Dunes The trailers have only been moderately successful in generating buzz for the movie outside of fans of the book. But the most recent trailer showed a change in marketing direction as action pieces and comedy moments are on full display. It serves as a stark contrast to Villeneuve’s earlier film, Blade Runner 2049, who kept his history and action a secret in marketing.

Warner Bros. had a box office failure with Blade Runner 2049. The sequel to the sci-fi cult classic struggled to gain a wide audience in its opening weekend due to its R-rating and mysterious trailers. Despite the high critical rating, it was not enough to save the film. Dune, which adapts Frank Herbert’s groundbreaking books, reflects the Bounty hunter franchise, which is also the next adaptation of a cult classic from the 1980s and will be released in October. However, learning from its mistakes, Warner Bros. is making the leap into marketing by revealing more to prevent the movie from being another. Blade Runner 2049.

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Moviegoers will immediately notice the spectacle of humor and action that awaits them at the Dune trailer. Initially, some audiences were concerned about Dunes Controversial first pictures released as they featured a dark and gloomy tone. But people can put those concerns aside, as Villeneuve appears to be bringing a fun and complex sci-fi adventure to the screen, judging from the most recent trailer. Moments like Duke Leto asking Gurney to smile or Duncan Idaho telling Paul that he lacks muscle may be few, but he hardly delves into the dark and serious world of Bounty hunter. Also, while Blade Runner 2049 It is widely considered one of the best science fiction films made, its lack of action and slow pace hurt it at the box office with the general public. Dune seeks to erase those concerns by putting action front and center. The trailer already showed large-scale battles between the two rival clans, House Atreides and the Harkonnens.

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Also, while it might have been an easy thing to hide, the trailers haven’t been afraid to show off. Dunes iconic sandworms. It already pokes fun at some of the great pieces in the book where the main characters come into contact with these ship-eating beasts. Dunes the iconography is synonymous with sandworms, and not showing them would have been a mistake. Revealing them in advance allows the film to avoid mystery box marketing that can harm a movie’s reception if there isn’t enough of it to appeal to audiences not yet familiar with the source material. Blade Runner 2049 He didn’t indulge in that luxury in hopes of preserving secrecy around his characters and their roles in the story, and in the end, the overly enigmatic marketing hurt him at the box office.

Villeneuve made the smart decision to adapt only the first half of the book. Weather Dune still a huge box office risk, audiences unfamiliar with the books will not be overwhelmed with the amount of information thrown at them. The movie can go at its own pace without being too long or cluttered with plot details to fit the whole story. With Dune Reportedly running at two hours and 35 minutes, Villeneuve is setting a reasonable running time for audiences who may have been spooked by the two hours and 43 minutes of his previous film. It’s only an eight-minute difference, but for some viewers, something closer to that three-hour mark can be off-putting, and Villeneuve doesn’t seem to be making that mistake again.

The team behind Dune You are increasing your marketing to avoid the mistakes you made with Blade Runner 2049. Villeneuve is shaping his latest film to be more for the general public while redefining the genre of sci-fi movies. Hoping for a sequel Dune is launching its network to capture the largest audience possible on opening weekend.

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  • Dune (2021)Release Date: Oct 01, 2021

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