Fortnite replaces its speedy Whiplash vehicle with the Ferrari 296 GTB while adding a host of automaker-related cosmetics.

The last arrival to FortniteThe Battle Royale Island is not a licensed character, but an iconic supercar.

Players who log into the popular Epic Games battle royale will have the opportunity to hunt down opponents in a Ferrari 296 GTB. The car model in the game is based on the Ferrari design taken from the original configuration software, which it now offers to customers who want to customize their vehicle on purchase. In quite a lucky coincidence, Ferrari’s design software is built on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, which also powers Fortnite.

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While the Ferrari 296 GTB is a fun addition for fans of the brand, staunch Fortnite Players may be saddened to see that it replaces the Whiplash, the game’s original speed machine. It appears to be a purely cosmetic change, as Ferrari and Whiplash are mechanically identical.

The Ferrari 296 GTB brings with it a week of dedicated missions, ensuring players get a taste of the new car. To earn more stars for Fortnitecurrent battle pass, players will need to:

  • Complete Ferrari time trials
  • Reach top speed in a Ferrari
  • Drive a Ferrari through the storm

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Ferrari fans can also show their support for the automaker with a variety of new cosmetics that are currently available through the Item Shop. The Ferrari bundle includes the Moderna Icon and Maranello Racer suits, along with the Ferrari Turbo Back Bling.

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The Ferrari 296 GT is the latest in a long list of Fortnite crosses. As the game has grown into the behemoth it is today, it has featured several high-profile licensed characters, including Batman, Loki, Thanos, and most recently basketball icon Lebron James.

If you are interested in seeing how a $ 321,400 supercar is driven Fortnite, then you’re in luck. The game is available for free on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices.

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