The latest app to get Snap Mini compatibility is HBO Max, which allows users to watch and chat about pilot episodes together right on the Snapchat app.

Snapchat users can watch HBO Max content with their friends, thanks to the compatibility with Snap Mini. First introduced earlier in the year, Snap Minis enables the use of third-party apps for added functionality, such as study prep through Tembo, meditation with Headspace, and even the option to purchase concert tickets. Over the past year, virtual clock parties have also become more common, as a result of the number of people who had to spend more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

HBO Max is a popular streaming service that offers a wide range of content and adds new content every month. Snapchat, on the other hand, is a popular app for taking selfies and videos with funny filters and sharing them with friends. Snapchatters can also send direct messages to each other within the app, either individually or as part of a group chat. There is also the ability to pin a conversation to the top of the chat screen to avoid losing track.

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HBO Max Users can Watch full pilot episodes of select HBO Max shows right on the Snapchat app. To get started, open a chat in the Snapchat app and then tap on the rocket icon in the lower right corner. This will then launch the Snap Minis interface where the user can scroll down to find “HBO Max Watch Party”Before touching to open. At this point, the user will be asked to enter their date of birth, so they can access age-appropriate content. After which, they can invite friends by sending a link in the chat or by sending a clickable sticker with the Snapchat camera. While watching a show together, there is the option to chat with each other and react to the action on screen with Bitmojis.

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What can you see right now

HBO Max Snapchat Mini

The HBO Max show selection is expected to be updated on a regular basis. However, at launch, the selection includes several HBO Max originals, including the recent Gossip Girl reboot as well as Stewardess Y Euphoria, starring Zendaya Coleman. Users can also watch the pilot episode of HBO’s DC Comics series. Titans, before the premiere of the third season arrives in August. Other options include reality series. Craftopia, dramedy Generate ion +, horror drama series Lovecraft County, and the Selena Gomez cooking series Selena + Chef. Not forgetting, there is also the option to watch the first episode of the classic cartoon series. Looney tunes.

The ability to watch episodes of HBO Max shows on Snapchat is a smart move, as it not only opens up another option to watch, but also adds the ability for users to watch together and even chat with each other. Not to mention, by offering only pilot episodes, the move may encourage users to open the HBO Max app to keep watching. Speaking of which, in addition to the ability to watch on the Snapchat app, subscribers can also download shows on their phones through the HBO Max app, allowing them to view content from anywhere and even without an internet connection.

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