Masters of the Universe: Revelation begins with a shocking twist of the death of a main character, but does that person return later in the season?

Warning: SPOILERS for Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

Kevin smith Masters of the Universe: Revelation It begins with He-Man’s shocking death in defense of Eternia’s magic, but will he return later in the season? He-Man has always been at the center of the Masters of the Universe franchise, the sun around which all the other characters orbit. The most powerful man in the universe, he has established himself as the Champion of Justice of Eternia.

While Kevin Smith Masters of the Universe: Revelation conceived as a continuation of the classic series, it takes events in a surprising direction. The first episode sees He-Man sacrifice himself to defeat Skeletor, consumed in a mystical explosion. The secret to He-Man’s identity is revealed in the most heartbreaking way possible, explaining why Smith called this Masters of the Universe: Revelationbut, naturally, some viewers will be suspicious. After all, in any fantasy series there is one basic rule; you must not believe that someone is really dead until you have seen the body (and even then you must be careful not to believe it).

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But Prince Adam really is dead, as Teela learns during her quest to restore the Sword of Power. Doing so forces Teela to visit the Eternia beyond. She escapes from the Eternian Hell and finds herself in a mystical realm created from Preternia, ancient Eternia, which has not been touched by evil and darkness. Only the Champions of Eternia can enter this heavenly rest, and she is shocked to find that Prince Adam is one of the people there, confirming that he did indeed die, although he hadn’t finished appearing in the series yet. But, in a less surprising twist, Prince Adam insists on accompanying Teela back to the real world. He feels that Eternia still needs his help.

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Masters of the Revelation Universe Prince Adam becomes He-Man

And then he dies again, because the absence of the bodies before was really important, not because it concealed He-Man’s true fate, but because it concealed the survival of Masters of the Universe: RevelationSkeletor. The Lord of Destruction returns and kills Adam in the moment of his transformation. But it is important to bear in mind that this death is real and lasting, since according to the Champions it is not possible to return to Preternia once you have left it. Prince Adam has abandoned his eternal reward and his fate will now be the same as that of any other mortal – true death. There is no turning back for He-Man now.

Kevin smith Masters of the Universe: Revelation It is not the He-Man story, and in fact he does his best to kill him. While Prince Adam does return to life, his return is nothing to celebrate, because in narrative terms, it is done simply to show that He-Man’s time is finally over. The Masters of the Universe must now find a way to defeat Skeletor without He-Man, most likely with Teela (voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar) wielding the Sword of Power.

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