A new look from Marvel’s What If …? shows Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) leading the Wakanda army in the upcoming animated series.

A new image of What if … from Marvel? shows Killmonger leading the Wakanda army. Marvel Studios ventures into the world of animation for the first time in Phase 4. Based on the comics of the same name, What if…? is an upcoming Disney + show that puts a spin on a well-known event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some of the confirmed stories for the first season include Peggy Carter becoming a super soldier and T’Challa becoming Star-Lord.

Although MCU fans first expected What if … from Marvel? being closer to an anthology show where each episode follows a different event without an overarching storyline, which no longer seems to be the case. The most recent What if The trailer showed a group of main characters who will take center stage in the latest story of the Marvel multiverse. This lineup includes a remake of the memorable Michael B. Jordan Black Panther villain, Erik Killmonger. The trailer showed glimpses of him saving Tony Stark from the Ten Rings and fighting the “Guardians of the Multiverse.”

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Now, another look at Killmonger’s role in What if…? has been revealed. Total movie shared an exclusive new look for the animated series, which debuts its first episode on Disney + on August 11. Killmonger is shown in the same tactical suit he wore for much of Black Panther. He appears to be leading the Wakanda army into battle as he and other warriors ride on the nation’s armored rhinos. Look at the image below:

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Killmonger’s story in What if … from Marvel? He will reportedly envision a world in which he is the king of Wakanda. That would explain why he potentially leads the army at this stage. Knowledge of Killmonger’s role as king of Wakanda in the series comes mostly from the toys, which might also clarify what threat Killmonger is preparing to defend Wakanda from. The Killmonger Funko Pop for What if…? has him holding Ultron’s severed head. Perhaps Tony Stark’s deadly AI is once again looking for vibranium on the show, but this time he’s going straight to the source.

The return of Killmonger in What if…? It comes after there has been a lot of speculation about Marvel Studios finding a way to bring Killmonger back to live action. It seemed to die at the end of Black PantherBut the multiverse gives the studio an avenue to keep Michael B. Jordan in the future. The actor has expressed his willingness to return to the franchise if that is what director Ryan Coogler and Marvel need, but that is not currently in the plans for. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, appear. One time What if … from Marvel? comes out, the show could establish a way for that to change in the future.

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