A reddit user pointed out some potentially predatory monetization practices on display in Pokémon Unite, a recently released free game.

It’s only been a day since the release of Pokémon Unite and some concerns have already been raised about how the game works, especially when it comes to pay-to-win scenarios. The free online battlefield game was announced just over a year ago and comes in the midst of the franchise’s 25th anniversary celebration.

“Pokémon 25” is a one-year celebration throughout 2021 aimed at celebrating a quarter century of all Pocket Monsters. The gaming branch of the Pokemon As a result, media juggernaut has been more active this year and has published a wide variety of content for new and existing titles. Pokémon Unite is currently the most recent installment in the long-running franchise, but there seem to be some warning signs already that it might not be the huge hit that Nintendo is for and it could be down to the money.

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Reddit User Not_Nathan_Drake made an extensive post on the site detailing what they consider to be the “predatory monetization” practices present in Pokémon Unite. According to the Reddit user, the free title uses five monetization strategies when most other free games only use about two. One of the most egregious practices according to Not_Nathan_Drake is how the title is played during the welcome campaign compared to the rest of the game. The Redditor admitted to having fun during Pokémon Uniteopening game, but progress became significantly slower even though they were playing the same way they had during the welcome campaign. Supposedly the only way to speed up that progress, and subsequently make players more powerful, is to purchase certain in-game items using real-world currency. Not_Nathan_Drake ended up recommending players to stay away from the new title until some of these design options change.

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Contrary to their designation, free mobile games are some of the biggest money makers in the video game industry. This is often done through avenues such as cosmetics or character purchases, which are just a few of the options available in Pokémon Unite according to Not_Nathan_Drake. Sometimes, however, free games have in-game items to purchase that can drastically affect a player’s performance and these scenarios are considered pay-to-win.

There seems to be a growing problem where some of these acquirable assets drastically affect the outcome of games. Many gamers feel that it shouldn’t be an option when it comes to titles that rely on competition between players. Pokémon Unite It has only just begun its time in the hands of gamers, but if the issues highlighted by Not_Nathan_Drake are significant enough to deter a large chunk of the potential player base, it will be a short lifespan.

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Pokemon Unite It is now available on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

Fountain: Not_Nathan_Drake / Reddit

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