The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 3 features 14-year-old idol Yui Saikawa, whose upbeat demeanor is more terrifying than endearing.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 3, “That’s Yui-nya’s Quality,” which is now airing on Funimation.

The detective is already dead Episode 3 formally introduces its newest main cast member, Yui Saikawa, a 14-year-old idol and the sole survivor of a wealthy family. Picking up the ending of Episode 2, Yui hires Kimihiko and Nagisa to protect a family heirloom at her mansion known as “Miracle Sapphire” on the day she is scheduled to do a live performance.

At the persuasion of her new partner, Nagisa, Kimihiko takes the case, but realizes immediately that something feels wrong about it. At the conclusion of the episode, Kimihiko suspects that Yui is hiding a dark secret, effectively sparking the plot of Episode 4.

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Episode 3 of The detective is already dead drops clues that immediately cause Kimihiko to question the nature of her case and Yui’s real motives. One of these occurs during his formal meeting with Yui at her mansion: she wears a left eye patch. When asked if her eye was injured, Yui replies in a somewhat playful way that it’s kind of “playing a character” and that idols “have a tough fight to survive too.” Kimihiko doesn’t know what this means, but the way the conversation unfolds from there doesn’t give her much confidence in Yui.

The following is the revelation that Yui received a mysterious note from an anonymous criminal informing her of a planned robbery. The criminal even detailed that they plan to break into his mansion, the day he is scheduled to do a live concert, and steal his ¥ 2 billion Miracle Sapphire. This action is understandably suspicious for Kimihiko because no self-respecting criminal would inform their potential victim of the crime they plan to commit, especially not in detail.

The suspicious note prompts Kimihiko to ask more questions. Why hasn’t Yui reinforced security at her mansion if she knows the day and time the robbery will occur? His answer makes even less sense as he claims that his security guards are not interested in protecting his family heirloom, they only attend his live performances as fans. Kimihiko naturally finds himself incredulous that Yui even hired low-level security guards, but her strange behavior only gets worse from here.

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After being persuaded by Nagisa to accept Yui’s case, Kimihiko asks two final questions. First, ask why Yui hasn’t thought about going to the police as a preventive measure if the security at her mansion is stupidly lax. Yui explains that the police didn’t bother to investigate her case with just a threatening note, which again doesn’t make sense. He then turns Kimihiko upside down by “predicting” her thoughts about bribing the police with money to motivate them to act. Almost as if to interrupt his train of thought, Yui dismisses his logic with “only a pervert thinks this way”, which becomes her recurring joke for him.

The final investigation is on the whereabouts of Yui’s parents. Yui says that they died three years earlier, happily announcing that she is the head of the Saikawa family. That alone is quite suspicious since the death of parents is often a traumatic experience for children. Yui’s inappropriate response to her tragic passing does not go unnoticed by Kimihiko, especially when she talks about her rivals.

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Sharing her thoughts on her competition, Yui hauntingly says that she “hears” everyone “disappearing from center stage the next day” while holding and pointing a gun at Kimihiko. This scares Kimihiko a bit, although she clarifies that it is “just a joke”. He is not sold, of course, since he is not able to tell when she is joking or being serious. Chillingly, Yui admits that her reactions to his jokes are hilarious.

After this first disturbing encounter, Kimihiko has an idea of ​​Yui’s strange situation and especially her personality. Absolutely nothing adds up, and it’s understandable. When he and Nagisa attend Yui’s rehearsal the day before she performs, he shares his thoughts on the 14-year-old idol with his partner. Specifically, he believes that Yui hides a dark secret that will be revealed in the main hook of her song “Sapphire Phantasm”. Kimihiko’s suspicions are further validated when she witnesses an attempted kidnapping, effectively establishing The detective is already dead Episode 4.

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