Wally West may have landed a new job with Mister Terrific on The Flash, but he found the perfect job for The Fastest Man Alive years ago.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Flash # 772, on sale now from DC Comics.

Wally West recently landed a lucrative new job for Mister Terrific in The Flash # 772 from Jeremy Adams, Will Conrad, Alex Sinclair and Steve Wands. He was recently hired as an engineer for temporary and multiverse studies, two areas with which Wally is intimately familiar from his time as The Flash. But decades before Michael Holt hired Wally, he had a job that was possibly more suited to the world’s fastest man.

On The Flash # 1 by Mike Baron and Jackson Guice, Wally made a deal with the medical community. In exchange for personally delivering organs to transplant patients, they gave him health insurance, something his work as a hero did not provide.

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Wally was that alternative. His speed meant that he could bring the heart to the patient within the allotted time. But Wally also recognized that while he was going to do this regardless of his response, it still wasn’t exactly fair for him to be his emergency delivery system without some compensation. And he was still fresh after the death of his predecessor, seeing firsthand the potential higher cost of being a hero. With this no doubt weighing on his mind, Wally applied for health insurance in exchange for his services.

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The job makes a lot of sense to someone like Wally. Getting organs for transplant patients can be a very urgent matter. Distance can be as much of an impediment as waiting for an organ to be available. So if there was a way to get the organ to its new owner in a fraction of the time, then it only makes sense to look for that. This makes The Fastest Man Alive the perfect delivery method.

Ultimately, this is also an altruistic endeavor. To call Wally a glorified delivery man is to underestimate the importance of his shipment. Wally was protecting someone’s future and handing over a gift left by someone generous enough to donate. If Wally could have found a way to pursue this career, it might have been the perfect job for him while working as the Flash. It’s more rewarding than beating up the villains and helps save lives in a more realistic way.

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