One of the many popular genres of anime is one known as Isekai, which literally translates to “another world.” In these stories, the hero or heroine is transported to a completely different realm than their own, usually a fantasy world or within a video game.

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For the most part, they are tales full of fun and adventure. However, there are certain moments in Isekai’s anime where something really heartbreaking happens that devastates both the characters and the viewers. Whether it’s a loss or a painful memory, these moments remind us that sadness cannot be avoided, no matter what world we are in.

10 Overlord: Destruction of the Swords of Darkness

Still from an episode of the anime Overlord.

In virtual fantasy Isekai Mister, Swords of Darkness is a group of adventurers who befriends the protagonist Ainz on a mission. Unfortunately, they are decimated by the sadistic villain Clementine shortly after this mission. Three of the four members turn into zombies, while the fourth is tortured to death.

While Ainz is generally not impassive, the loss of Swords of Darkness affects him, and he soon gets bloody revenge for his murders. It’s heartwarming to see the mighty Overlord caring for anyone other than himself.

9 Vision of Escaflowne: the death of Folken

Still from the anime Visions of Escaflowne.

Vision Of Escaflowne, a mixture of fantasy and mecha anime, tells the story of a girl transported to a parallel world on the brink of war. One of the anime’s antagonists, Folken, is the older brother of the hero Van and although they fight each other at first, they eventually join forces.

Unfortunately, Folken’s past actions result in a shorter lifespan, and the brothers must permanently separate. When Folken dies in an attempt to defeat the evil emperor, Van’s anguish echoes off the screen and reaches the hearts of fans directly.

8 Rising Of The Shield Hero: Raphtalia’s Past

A more recent Isekai, Rising of the Shield Hero follows a young man who is summoned to another world to become a hero. His first true partner is Raphtalia, who is trying to recover from a great trauma.

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Not only are her parents killed in a monster attack, but she is also sold as a slave and watches her captors kill her best friend. Seeing her ordeal in flashbacks and how she has overcome it in the present makes Raphtalia truly endearing to viewers.

7 Sword Art Online: The Death of Yuuki

While the virtual reality anime Sword art online provokes mixed reactions among fans, it cannot be denied that it has its moments of tears. One of these involves the character Yuuki from the Fairy Dance arc.

While she is a remarkably skilled fighter at the Sword art online game, she has a terminal illness in the real world. When she finally dies, she chooses to spend her last moments in the game with those who love and respect her. The pain Asuna feels while hugging her dying friend is the same pain the audience feels.

6 Digimon: the death of Wizardmon

Still from the Digimon anime series.

A favorite from the early 2000s, Digimon Follow a group of children as they try to save a digital world full of digitally evolving creatures. One of these creatures is Wizardmon, who apparently works for the evil Myotismon but secretly helps the DigiDestined.

When Myotismon attacks Gatomon and Kari, Wizardmon protects them but loses his life as a result. The parting words between him and Gatomon broke the hearts of many Digimon viewer; Wizardmon dies not for the future, but for the sake of his friend.

5 Fushigi Yuugi: Nuriko’s death

The Isekai Classic Fushigi yuugi follows today’s teenage Miaka and her adventures with the seven Suzaku warriors. One of the fan favorites among these warriors is Nuriko, whose cross-dressing outfit and super strength garner a lot of attention.

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Sadly, Nuriko dies after fighting an enemy from the Seiryuu faction. As the moral support of his team and his first great victim, his loss is a blow to all Suzaku warriors, especially Miaka, as fans feel deep empathy for his disbelief and pain.

4 Angel Beats!: Goodbye Kanade

Still from the anime series Angel Beats.

Angel Beats! it is part of an Iekai subgenre where the alternate world is the afterlife. The teens there can leave and reincarnate after fulfilling the unfulfilled wishes of their previous lives.

A boy, Otonashi, falls in love with the mysterious Kanade and asks her to stay with him in the afterlife. However, Kanade’s dying wish is to thank his heart donor, who happens to be Otonashi himself. Seeing her tearfully goodbye as this wish is fulfilled is absolutely heartbreaking to watch.

3 Inuyasha: Kikyo’s death

Still from the anime series Inuyasha.

Throughout it all Inuyasha series, the resurrected priestess Kikyo is a constant presence due to her past relationship with the titular protagonist. She tries to defeat the demon Naraku, but fails, ending up powerless and dying.

The conclusion of one of InuyashaIn the saddest stories, her last moments are spent in the arms of her former love Inuyasha before she dies. After everything these two have been through, it is impossible not to feel immense sadness in this final farewell. The only consolation is that Kikyo finally finds peace after wandering the earth as a soulless entity.

2 Re: Zero: Rem’s Torture

A still of Rem from the ReZero anime franchise.

Re: zero He’s a pretty tragic Isekai overall; the main character, Subaru, constantly dies and is resurrected through the reversal of time. However, one particularly heartbreaking moment is when the antagonist, Petelgeuse, captures him and his friend Rem.

Rem is subjected to horrible torture while Subaru is forced to watch her suffer. Before he finally dies from his injuries, Rem helps Subaru escape and confesses that she loves him. The emotional knife twists even more as Subaru carries her lifeless body for miles to return her home.

1 Magic Knight Rayearth: Emeraude’s Death

In the classic Isekai Magic Knight Rayearth, three high school girls are summoned to the world of Cephiro to save their Pillar, Princess Emeraude. In one of the most shocking and devastating twists in anime, it is revealed that the real reason they are summoned is to do the exact opposite by killing the corrupt princess and saving the world from collapse.

With Emeraude begging to die to be reunited with her love and the young ladies crying over what they must do, there’s no way fans can watch this scene without breaking some tissues.

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