The world of television moves incredibly fast. Between traditional networks and streaming services, dozens and dozens of new series are released every year. And only a select group of them make it through their first few seasons. But why some are canceled rarely makes sense, if a reason is ever given.

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Everyone has their own list of favorite shows that they’d love to see come back for at least one more round. While there is no guarantee that any of them will get a second chance, programs like Lucifer Y Brooklyn nine nine found new life in other streaming networks and services.

10 Happy endings had more stories to tell

The cast of Happy Endings sit in their favorite bar

Despite having a large fan base, some sitcoms just don’t seem to fit their network. Happy endings It certainly had that problem as it was canceled after three seasons on ABC.

While it didn’t have the ratings at the time, this show has become a cult classic since it ended. Fans are continually looking forward to more seasons as it would be a natural fit on several different streaming services.

9 Almost human was full of potential

Detective Kennec talks to his partner

There are some names that are considered royalty among genre fiction enthusiasts. Karl Urban is undoubtedly one of them. He played Judge Dredd, Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Billy Butcher, Skurge, and Eomer. That doesn’t even include roles in Hercules, Xena, Condemn, Y RED.

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He also played Detective John Kennex on the 2013 science fiction series. Almost human. The show had great potential, but Fox showed the episodes out of order and bounced them off the schedule until fans gave up, just like what the network did. Firefly. There is still potential for gold in this show.

8 My name is Earl I was coming back

The My Name is Earl team is up to no good

The Jason Lee-directed series about a degenerate criminal who changes his life was an instant hit. My name is earl I had a simplistic view of the concept of karma, but it worked. The show was insightful, moving, and fun all at the same time.

A disastrous departure in season 3 from what made the series work scared off many viewers. The return to form in season 4 was too little, too late. Regardless, Earl’s to-do list remains unfinished and is worth going back to one day.

7 The Punisher was in the wrong place at the wrong time

Marvel’s collaboration with Netflix produced several incredible series such as Reckless, Jessica jones, Y Luke cage. He also produced series like Iron fist Y Defenders that they were not received anywhere so favorably, and for good reason.

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Possibly the best of them all was The Punisher. After two solid seasons, it was canceled along with the rest of Marvel’s Netflix series when the partnership came to an end. There have been rumors that Jon Bernthal will be joining the MCU to reprise his role as Frank Castle. Hopefully that’s true.

6 Agent Carter must return

Peggy in uniform

In the early days of the MCU, one of the most prominent characters was Peggy Carter. She helped turn Steve Rogers into Captain America with a level of integrity, wit, and charm that couldn’t be ignored. As such, Peggy even got her own series on ABC, though it only lasted for a short time.

Agent carter It was a period piece set right after WWII in the early days of SHIELD. The show had a sizable fan base, but not enough for more than two seasons. With the Endgame revelation that Steve Rogers stayed behind in time with her, there’s definitely more story to tell on Disney +.

5 The grinder was quite fun

Rob Lowe and Ben Savage in The Grinder

Rob Lowe had recently succeeded in a comedy twist as Chris Traeger on the fan favorite series. Parks and Recreation. After he and Rashida Jones left the series for season 6, Lowe would star alongside Ben Savage in a legal comedy called The grinder.

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Despite receiving solid reviews from both fans and critics, the show was canceled after just one season. There are still a lot of people pushing for more seasons, which is always a possibility. It might work better on a different network or transmitter.

4 Jericho was getting hot

The cast of Jericho on the Wasteland

It can be incredibly difficult for sci-fi series to gain a foothold in a wider audience. Many people dismiss genre fiction series without even watching them. A story about the United States after a mysterious nuclear attack, Jericho Still it managed to have two seasons on the air before its cancellation.

The story continued in comic form for two more seasons, a strategy that has worked with other shows like Angel Y Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yet, Jericho It was a rare post-apocalyptic story that was really worth telling and has more to offer.

3 The Muppets had enormous potential

The Muppets plan the next show

As a general franchise, the Muppets are one of those properties that last. For decades, they have made TV shows, movies, animated series, and more, all for a loyal and ever-growing fan base. Unfortunately, many of those same loyalists were not supported in 2015. The Muppets.

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The series focused on the behind-the-scenes workings of Miss Piggy’s fictional late-night talk show. Only one season was made as fans didn’t get it. But the timing has been good for the series, as many of those same fans have reached out and started to see the lost potential.

2 Timeless was fun and engaging

Against all odds, the NBC series Eternal managed to forge two seasons of mischief by traveling back in time. The problem wasn’t that the show was bad. In fact, it was really good and a lot of fun to watch. It just boiled down to the problem that science fiction tends to have on major networks.

It wasn’t a huge hit from the start, so NBC didn’t give it more than two seasons. Again, the fact that he got two was surprising. But perhaps NBC is willing to reconsider that decision now that its Peacock streaming service is up and running. Eternal it might work better there.

1 Party Down ended too soon

Party-Down Header

Two seasons equal to 20 episodes of Party down it hardly seems enough. While it was short-lived, many people believe it could be the funniest series ever. That’s no surprise considering the cast included Lizzy Caplan, Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Megan Mullally, JK Simmons, Ken Jeong, and Kristen Bell.

The series followed a group of catering companies who wanted to make it big in Hollywood. The low grades combined with the departures of Adam Scott for Parks and Recreation and Jane Lynch for Joy caused its cancellation. A revival always seems to be a possibility. Hopefully, it will come true one day.

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Split image of The Sopranos logo and characters from the show.

The Sopranos: the fate of each main character at the end of the series

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