A series like Person He doesn’t survive solely on the merits of his turn-based RPG combat. He turns people into die-hard fans through his well-made characters and giving players reasons to sympathize with his fights.

These are the most important moments that allowed Person to eventually graduate from a spin-off of Shin Megami Tensei and eclipse its parent franchise in popularity.

(Big spoilers ahead, obviously!)

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Steal the first treasure (Person 5)


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If your adrenaline didn’t start pumping at the moment Life will change kicked, you have no pulse. It could well be the subject to carry out a robbery in a Ocean’s Eleven movie. You have the whole plan laid out, the goal is with your back to the wall, and if you’re wrong, it’s an express trip straight to jail.

Then Kamoshida appears to give you your first proper challenge of the game against the backdrop of Blooming villain, and the hype is in full effect. Person 5 spend a good amount of hours getting used to the battle mechanics and investing in the characters. The moment you hear that boss’s fight music, you know the training wheels are finally coming off.

Presentation aside, what makes this one of the highlights of P5 it is simply the opportunity to finally hold Kamoshida accountable for his actions. Even if you’ve never personally met a bastard like Kamoshida, you’ve at least heard of one on the news. There really is no moral basis for a teacher sexually assaulting his students, and there are fewer feelings in life more satisfying than seeing a child rapist finally exposed and done with justice.

Kanji Shadow (Person 4)

“Hello dear viewers … It’s time for ‘Bad, Bad Bathhouse!’ ” Subtlety is for cowards, as they say. This was the moment that we realized that Person 4 was going to address issues that most video games would not dare to address in 2009. It’s easy to forget given how much public awareness and understanding has grown in the years since, but the nature of homosexuality remained an extremely sensitive topic for tackling for any medium back then, much less video games.

In the void, nothing about Shadow Kanji’s reveal indicated that Q4 I was going to handle this issue with some degree of nuance. Fortunately, Yosuke, Chie, and Yukiko laid the foundation for what Shadow selves represent and how they will serve as catalysts for character growth. With the confidence of knowing that all of this would be handled gracefully in the end, players could see Kanji’s Shadow for the first time and lose themselves wondering how crazy the rest of this game was going to be.

Sure enough, resolving Kanji’s conflict with himself exposed many people to a perspective they may never have considered. Kanji is not attracted to men, but he also loves to do crafts and sewing, hobbies that people throughout his life have labeled “feminine” and “queer” due to social norms. The end result is a 15-year-old confused with a lot of insecurities still trying to figure out himself, and that’s a very human story that anyone can relate to.

Joker cheats deathPerson 5)

Joker from Persona 5

The Unreliable Narrator is one of the most effective narrative stunts of all time. Most stories that incorporate it, however, take no more than 60 hours to really harness the effect to its full value before finally shaking hands.

From the beginning, the player knows that one of Joker’s teammates is going to sell them. When you finally get to the interrogation room being the present moment, Akechi directly puts a bullet in Joker’s head. No ambiguity, no room for interpretation: the main character has just died. Where could the story go from here? Did you get the bad ending?

Then, Ryuji turns his expression into a smile and quietly mutters, “We got them.”

The game spends the next few hours debugging. The Joker you saw getting shot was not the real Joker. Sae was an unwitting accomplice to the plan. The Phantom Thieves were surprised by the police ambush inside the casino palace. It was quite an act. They seemed surprised by the fake news about suicides. also an act. In the story, the performance was to fool your enemies, but let’s face it: they were putting on a show for you, the player.

When playing in the casino palace, players probably couldn’t shake the feeling in the back of their minds that they were leading these unconscious idiots to their doom. Once the fake Joker corpse is replaced by the real Joker smiling straight into the camera, you can’t help but be impressed: Yes, the Phantom Thieves are really that smart, and they’re even smarter than you probably gave them credit for. . for.

All the month of January (Person 3)


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You may be tempted to focus solely on the final battle with Nyx as the key moment of Person 3It’s the climax, but the game’s masterful work of generating anxiety and hopelessness is what elevates Nyx’s struggle to sublime heights. Heroes always team up at the end and use their combined strength to defeat the big bad; This is how the JRPGs have gone since the inception of the genre. Q3 Question: What if the heroes were totally and completely screwed up, and they were just counting the days until the end of the world?

The SEES members have already lost a lot. Akihiko lost Shinjiro, Junpei lost Chidori, Ken lost his mother, Mitsuru and Yukari lost their parents… they have all done their fair share of grieving. But they have also all gotten over their personal fights by losing their will to live, so they make the difficult decision to face death head-on anyway.

Entering New Year’s Day, players would be unsure of the atmosphere as these characters decide how to spend their last days. However, as the scenes unfold, everyone seems to be in a good mood. No one doesn’t even make a passing mention of Nyx or the end of the world on the horizon. It is a scene of peace and serenity, wonderfully complemented by the introduction of Memories of the city as the new theme of the world.

January is also when the game finally lets you explore a social bond with Aigis, an android who can’t relate to the problems normal humans face, like losing loved ones. Instead, it is accepting if its existence as a machine qualifies it as “alive.” Pretty spent territory by all means sure, but Aigis still serves as a great delivery mechanism for driving. Q3Start of topics. The way you choose to live is what gives your life meaning. That’s the answer that the rest of the group has clearly come up with, given the way they all choose to behave in the face of their inevitable end.

The party takes on Nyx on top of the grueling 200+ story tower you’ve been grinding for the entire game. The battle for everyone’s souls go into action. It’s the Velvet Room music you’ve heard dozens of times before, amplified up to 11. Nyx runs through all the major arcana on the tarot deck. The Fool’s journey, your journey, is recapped and culminated in real time in the course of a final battle with the boss of an RPG. It’s a masterclass in storytelling.

Nyx is defeated, but something is not right. That last skill you used. Wasn’t that the cost of that skill … all your HP?

The death of the protagonistPerson 3)


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“Memento Mori”. A Latin phrase whose meaning is written in plain English Q3Opening film: “Remember that you are mortal, remember that you will die.” You have been given fair warning from the start. Still, the protagonist seems to have come out of the other side of the battle with Nyx in one piece. Doesn’t that completely undermine the unerring power of death the game was trying to convey?

The moment the protagonist’s eyes close and he dies in Aigis’s arms, followed by the credits rolling, he hits you in one go: he was holding death at bay by sheer force of will just to fulfill a promise to his friends, and his strength finally gave way. The cost of protecting everyone else’s lives was his. All his friends have been forced to accept the inevitability of death, both their loved ones and themselves. Now they have the strength to live without the one who guided them.

It is sad, beautiful, poetic, bittersweet and many other things, but perhaps most importantly, it is the moment that allowed the Person franchise to eventually escape the darkness of the niche and enjoy unprecedented success. Q3 it was a major departure from the traditional JPRG formula in several respects. Atlus was taking big risks. The success of the franchise hinged on its ability to create a deep emotional connection between the characters and the players, and they absolutely fell for the landing.

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