Tiffany got her two nose piercings in front of the camera. Although she earned praise for her new nose studs, some fans think the piercings are uneven.

In the midst of relationship problems with Ronald Smith, the 90 day fiancé Star Tiffany has two new nose piercings. The piercing process seemed painful, but the reality TV star looks stunning on both of her nose pins. Previously, Tiffany experimented with her hair color and was shocked 90 day fiancé fans with their darker hair. She previously had light burgundy hair with blonde highlights, which suited her well. But her new black hair with purple highlights has fans even more excited.

A lots of 90 day fiancé Fans told Tiffany that she looked incredibly beautiful with her new black hair, and asked her to keep it that way. However, she was later mocked for apparently lying to her Instagram followers. When asked by a fan Tiffany that she would ever choose not to wear makeup, the TLC star said that she hardly ever uses makeup. The TLC star claimed that she only puts on makeup three times a month. A lots of 90 day fiancé Fans, who have seen Tiffany Franco frequently posting makeup tutorials on Instagram, said she was being dishonest.

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After being teased once, Tiffany is getting a lot of praise for her new nose piercings. She did an Instagram Live while getting her second nose piercing after getting her first. She started by choosing a suitable Instagram filter for the video and then said she was feeling very nervous. In the video, the professional told Tiffany to take a deep breath and then breathe out. Before the piercing, Tiffany joked that she might pass out. Take a look at the three minute long. Tiffany shared on IG:

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When the pro pricked the nose of fashion and beauty influencer Tiffany, her eyes filled with tears. But he did very well throughout the entire procedure. While answering questions from fans, Tiffany said the needles were disinfected. She then asked her IG followers if they liked her nose piercings. One fan said: “You look amazing and you are a strong woman. “Someone else intervened”,That looks amazing, so cute.“However, some 90 day fiancé Fans didn’t like these new mods on Tiffany’s face. One critic complained “It’s uneven !! That would get me out of my mind! ”

Another said: “Cute, but I hope you know they are NOT.“Well, Tiffany seems very happy with her piercings, and they actually look beautiful on her face. In the future, if the mother of two Tiffany wants to close her nose piercings, she can choose to stop wearing the earrings. Most of the cases, the holes can heal automatically in days or months. Ronald has not yet reacted to the new piercings in his wife’s nose. But if he reacted negatively, the 90 day fiancé Celebrity Tiffany should still keep her mods.

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