Snake Eyes hits theaters this weekend and some parents may wonder how kid-friendly it is. That’s how violent the new GI Joe movie is.

Warning: slight spoilers for Snake Eyes go ahead.

Paramount’s Snake Eyes hits theaters this weekend, but how violent is it and is it kid-friendly? The movie is an attempt to restart the G.I. Joe franchise, which is very promising, but keeps failing when it comes to film adaptations. Even though the franchise has always been aimed at kids, the new movie tries to be a bit more adult, and it could mean leaving some younger or more sensitive viewers at home.

Snake Eyes is an origin story for the titular protagonist, historically the most enigmatic member of the Joes. The movie removes his mystery, giving Snake Eyes (Henry Golding) a backstory involving his father being murdered in front of him when Snake Eyes is just a child. As a result, he grows up on the streets and dedicates his life to revenge and finding the man who murdered his father. By the end of the film, he has finally discovered his place in the world, and a potential GI Joe cinematic universe is very well set up.

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Still, he gets his PG-13 rating for “sequences of strong violence and brief strong language.“Snake Eyes, after all, is a fighter who trains with ninjas, and there are several different fight scenes in the movie. The fights are largely bloodless, but they are brutal, with cleverly violent moments. Find Snake Eyes receiving one. visceral beating before strangling her biggest opponent with a chain; a later fight scene involving Scarlett shows her banging men’s heads against counters and smashing them against mirrors. Once GI Joe’s origin story relocating to the Arashikage clan complex of Storm Shadow, the Most fights are more skillful and graceful, employing the ninja’s dancing grace. Still, katanas and bladed weapons offer a different kind of violence, and a Memorable bloodless sequence involving a fan used to cut people’s throats is still pretty brutal even without the blood.

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There are some other intense moments that don’t involve real fights either. At two different times in the first act, two different men are kneeling at gunpoint, execution-style. In the second, the best nature angels of Snake Eyes speak to him and he lets the captive go. The first, however, is the flashback scene in which his father is killed, and although no corpse is shown, there is no way to disguise that a man has just been shot point-blank in the head and children may have questions about what happened. to the. Again, the scenes are bloodless, but the setting is intense enough and the tone threatening enough to upset some younger viewers. Also, for those concerned about the language, Snake Eyes makes full use of its PG-13 rating, including assigned use of an f-bomb. Swearing is relatively rare, but bad language is spread throughout the film.

Lastly, parents may want to consider the message of the movie. The intensity and threat of violence of most fight scenes and action sequences aside, Snake Eyes is no hero. While he has traditionally been a hero in the GI Joe franchise, the new Snake Eyes frames him as an antihero; in fact, it could be argued that he borders on being a bad guy. Due to his obsession with revenge, he makes a series of deeply questionable moral decisions that betray good people, and he does so far beyond the point where he could have realistically been redeemed. Each parent’s mileage can vary, but for those parents who like to discern who their children view as fictitious role models, a post-movie conversation about their actions and whether or not they were right might be worth it. By last, Snake Eyes It’s nothing more than PG-13, but it pushes that rating to the limits, so know that as you enter.

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