One of the most popular sitcoms of the last decade, Brooklyn nine nine It is as absurd as it is charming: the outlandish adventures of a group of NYPD cops have rarely failed to make people laugh during its seven seasons. The show’s writing, while spectacular, is greatly enhanced by the cast of quirky characters and fantastic comedic actors.

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However, selecting the funniest member of the fictional Brooklyn Precinct 99 is not as simple as it sounds, considering that each of them is fun in their own way.

10 Charles Boyle

Charles derives most of his humor from his evidently modest nature, usually participating in events that inevitably make Boyle seem like the butt of the joke.

While the jokes themselves are hilarious, Charles’s refusal to change his occasionally odd behavior is symptomatic of his lack of character development. He is an amazing person; however, the audience is less likely to appreciate someone they laugh at constantly than someone they laugh at.

9 Rosa Diaz

Brooklyn 99

Rosa Díaz’s comic presentation style is perfectly expressionless; there is little that can ruffle their feathers. She is a fascinating character with a complicated and sometimes conflicting backstory, but only because she doesn’t want anyone to know anything about her.

Rosa is a beloved character, but her wit can be a bit too strict on a show where most of the characters are too unpredictable. However, she is still entertained throughout the series.

8 Terry jeffords

Terry Jeffords is far more serious than the rest of his team, which is not surprising, given that he almost always prioritizes his family and his career over frivolous antics.

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However, when it’s time to push, the sergeant-turned-lieutenant discovers some truly priceless routines and comedy sketches that pay off. SNL. Fans would love to see more of Funny Terry, but that’s the thing: with him, less is more, so pushing the extra humor won’t necessarily improve his character.

7 Amy Santiago

Amy Santiago gets nervous quite often: when her simplified schedule backfires, when her team takes her word / fashion choices lightly, or when her devoted Captain Holt expresses disappointment for whatever reason.

After her relationship with Jake, Amy has relieved considerably, but her core continues to revolve around being the nerdiest nerd imaginable. She is certainly hilarious, for example her panic and alcohol scales reveal entirely new facets to the character. Still, there are others that are much more fun.

6 Doug judy

Doug Judy is two types of masterminds: criminal and comedy. As Jake’s arch nemesis and best friend, his role as the Pontiac Bandit (along with a variety of felony and misdemeanors) is nothing short of genius.

Plus, Judy’s backstories to Jake are perfectly designed to cause the most embarrassment, somehow avoiding the traps of political incorrectness despite being dangerously close to them. Doug Judy is a charismatic artist, from his romantic humming to his pop culture references.

5 Adrian Pimento

Adrian Pimento’s mind is all over the place due to his stint as Paul Sneed, a character created as part of his covert infiltration of the mob. While many of his experiences – the night terrors, the loss of his parents to headlight accidents – are truly saddened, Pimento’s high-octane personality is sitcom gold.

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He constantly breaks into people’s (Charles) houses, exploits people without provocation, and once claimed that the oval is his preferred geometric shape. Pimento is full of volatility and the public loves everything it has to offer.

4 Hitchcock and Scully

Mere words will not be enough to describe the sheer ineptitude displayed by Hitchcock and Scully, the iconic pair of desk jockeys of the 99. Scully is the friendlier of the two because he offers something of value to the team, in the form of language translation and opera “singing”, among other talents.

Rather, the only things Hitchcock is known for are ridiculous self-tattoos, his stepsister’s strange dreams, and having “a worm living in his ear.” In any case, these two characters are impeccable examples of comic relief, helping to ease the situation when or if it turns dire.

3 Gina linetti

Gina is the living embodiment of the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote: “Being yourself in a world that is constantly trying to turn you into something else is the greatest achievement.” Except, of course, Gina doesn’t care as much about self-actualization as she is about blatant self-promotion.

That said, he is not entirely narcissistic, but his tendency to redefine reality forms the essence of his wildly comical character. Also, there is no one in Brooklyn nine nine whose comebacks are half as devastating as Gina’s.

2 Raymond Holt

Andre Braugher’s poker-faced performance and flawless speech as Captain Raymond Holt are magnificent, which explains why the actor has been nominated four times for Best Supporting Actor at the Primetime Emmys.

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His various idiosyncrasies are combined with a taste for the melodramatic to produce an eminently personable (and distinctively funny) character. Holt may not be as enigmatic as Rosa, but there is always a hilarious surprise lurking around the corner when it comes to the beloved captain of 99.

1 Jake peralta

Subjective preferences aside, few fans can actively argue against Jake Peralta being the funniest character on. B99. The man is a walking paradox: his general childishness is juxtaposed with his diligent detective work, a combination that makes little logical sense in any world beyond that of a sitcom.

Jake frequently has the funniest lines on the show, not to mention some pretty impressive antics that wouldn’t look out of place in a Charlie Chaplin movie. The others make it run for their money, though not very often.

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