Family star Chantel Chantel Everett’s wardrobe malfunction during a sloppy Instagram Live puts fans to shame and fuels plastic surgery rumors.

The Chantel family Star Chantel Jimeno Everett has surprised fans by posting an explicit video during a drunk Instagram Live, in which the reality TV celebrity can be seen enjoying a night of drunkenness with her friends when she suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. . Previously, Chantel surprised fans by showing off her toned, model-like figure in a modeling photoshoot. Many 90 days Groom fans loved her in a sultry bikini and showered her with tons of compliments.

However, some thought that the 30-year-old beauty was starting to look underweight and was probably starving to look slim. He was asked to maintain a fit body and follow a healthy lifestyle. While some fans seemed concerned about Chantel, others criticized her for frequently posting photos and videos from the holidays. Fans argued that Pedro Jimeno’s wife, Chantel, is a working nurse, but is often seen partying and enjoying the holidays. Again he was hanging out with his friends in a place by the beach.

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Chantel recently took an Instagram Live while enjoying a drunken night with her friends, which was shared on Reddit. She appeared on the screen while looking gorgeous in a tight beige dress. The Atlanta native looked a bit drunk while dancing and ended up showing off to her Instagram followers. In the video, she tried to hide her breasts and wardrobe malfunction by pulling her hair forward, but that didn’t help. Eventually she realized that her left tit was almost out of her ill-fitting bodycon.

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Towards the end of the 30-second video, “undeserving“TV star Chantel Jimeno tucked her chest in and resumed dancing. She didn’t look embarrassed in the video, but many fans felt uncomfortable after seeing her sloppy Instagram video. One fan said:”Sad because she seemed too drunk to realize what happened.“Another fan wrote”It sounds like fun, but your friends should have put the phones in the basket.“Someone else intervened”Poor girl thought the little tug stopped the pinch slip.“Others were surprised to see Chantel’s breasts because they seemed so much larger.

Chantel previously sparked plastic surgery rumors by showing off her biggest breasts in a cheeky bikini. Despite the TLC star denying speculation about breast surgery, many 90 day fiancé amateurs Y The stars believe that Chantel had breast implants. However, Chantel posted an old photo of her from 2009 on Instagram, suggesting that she was always busty. It seems that 90 day fiancé celebrity Chantel used to dress a bit conservatively and avoided flaunting her cleavage a few years ago. But now she’s comfortable showing off her assets to The Chantel family fans.

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