Players of any fantasy RPG will quickly learn the ideas behind classes like the Ranger, but what makes it different in Crowfall? How will that affect the playstyle and build of this class? There are several things to keep in mind when playing this crowdfunded MMO.

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There are many playable races, but not all of them will be available to the ranger. Only Elken, Wood Elves, Half-Elves, Humans, and Minotaurs can play as this class. In addition to this, there are attributes to think about, skills / talents, and promotion classes.

The best build for each of the Ranger promotion classes in Crowfall

Within the Ranger class, the three promotion classes or subclasses are Archer, Warden, and Brigand. Depending on the kind of promotion players choose, there are other choices to be made regarding Attributes, gear, and Disciplines. Each promotion class offers a different main play style to the Ranger.


The Archer is the purest form of the Ranger, targeting heavy range DPS like a glass cannon. As such, they will receive Recurve Bow Mastery, High Tension Bow Mastery, Bewitched Bow Mastery, and increased ranged damage distance. They will gain access to runic versions of all types of weapons they have mastered, quivers, as well as exotic and elemental arrows. Eventually, the Archers gain access to the Music, Dark, and Frost domains.

For the archer, players must focus their attributes on dexterity and intellect. This will cause your bows to deal more basic damage and critical damage. The best disciplines important to them are Arcane Archer, Dead Eye, and Sharpshooter. The best minor disciplines All Clear, Skullcracker and Stay in the Fight. Lastly, the best runs for the archer are Elken and Half-Elf.

Archer skills:

  • Concussion trap – Now causes the player to take less damage.
  • Disengage – Grants a power damage boost as a ranged upgrade.
  • Double shot – Gains bonus damage and will increase basic attack damage when fully charged.
  • Fast fire – Shoot 10 arrows at a time instead of six.
  • Bounce shot – Roots three enemies and can damage up to two more nearby enemies. It will grant a critical damage buff when hitting three or more enemies at the same time.


The Warden is more of a melee, tank, and healing-focused Ranger. They acquire mastery of the recurve bow, ax, mace, and short sword. As well as the ability to wear mail armor. They mainly focus on the use of quiver and energy regeneration. In addition to this, they gain access to the Plague, Dark, and Nature domains.

For the Guardian, players must put the majority of their attribute points on Dexterity. However, depending on how the player wants to use the ranger, for a healer he must invest in Spirit, while those who do damage must focus on Constitution or Intellect. Guardians gain AP, Bonus Trap Damage, and Bonus Critical Damage. The main disciplines of Warden are the swordmaster, the thorny warrior, the hunter and the thorny shield. Finally, the best races for Warden are Minotaurs, Half-Elves, and Elken.

Guardian Skills:

  • Concussion trap – Grants a barrier and applies bleed within eight meters.
  • Disengage – Now drop a trap.
  • Twin surge – Inflict repression on the second attack.
  • Trap Master – Generate traps with each attack.


The Brigand is something of a cross between a rogue and the ranger, offering more stealth and melee. Bandits will gain bonus AP, critical damage amount, and bonus melee damage from backstabs. They gain dominance with the recurve bow, ax, mace, and short sword. They will also gain access to the Plague, Dark, and Shadow domains.

For the highwayman, players should focus on the attributes of dexterity and intellect. The main disciplines of the bandit are the fencer, the thorny warrior and the hunter. Lastly, the best races available to the bandit are Half-elves, Wood Elves, and Humans.

Bandit Skills:

  • Concussion traps – Can be dropped stealthily.
  • Surprise attack – Large damaging attack that can be used from stealth and applies bleed.
  • Sweep – Apply a barrier and increase movement speed.
  • Twin surge – Deals bonus damage against bleeding targets.

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Crowfall it is available exclusively on PC.


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