WARNING: The following contains spoilers. for The flash Season 7, episode 18, “Heart of the Matter, Part 2,” which aired Tuesday on The CW.

The end of season 7 of The flash concluded the Godspeed story arc and once again features the return of Reverse-Flash. Despite seemingly dying over and over again, the Flash’s nemesis keeps coming back to threaten the heroes of the Arrowverse. Whether it’s through time travel or multi-universal shenanigans, it seems like Eobard Thawne will always be around to fight the Scarlet Speedster and his friends. And with that being the case, let’s take a look at all the times Reverse-Flash has escaped its demise throughout the Arrowverse.

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The flash season 1

Reverse Flash is erased from existence in The Flash Season 1 Finale

Reverse Flash’s first brush with death occurred in “Fast Enough,” the season 1 finale of The flash. All season long, the villain had been training Barry Allen to increase his speed, with the ultimate goal of using the hero’s Speed ​​Force connection to return to his own time. But to the right As Eobard is on the cusp of victory, his ancestor Eddie Thawne shoots himself, creating a paradox that causes Eobard to be erased from existence.

Eobard remains dead until the end of season two when Barry travels back in time to prevent the villain from killing his mother. He then locks up the villain and goes to live in the new timeline he has created, which Thawne refers to as Flashpoint. Barry is eventually forced to let Reverse-Flash go and allow him to kill his mother to fix the timeline.

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Legends of Tomorrow Season 2

The Reverse Flash is killed by Black Flash in Legends of Tomorrow

After killing Barry’s mother again, the Reverse Flash’s time remnant is hunted down by the Black Flash. To get rid of the demonic speedster, Thawne seeks the Spear of Destiny, which has the power to rewrite reality, and rallies the Legion of Doom to aid him.

Despite the best efforts of the villain team, Black Flash finally catches up with Eobard in Legends of tomorrowThe season 2 finale, “Aruba”. During his final confrontation with the Legends, the villain is surprised by the arrival of Black Flash and tries to escape, but the The spectral sprinter catches Thawne and runs his hand across his chest, erasing him from existence. Unfortunately, nNot even this is enough to kill the Reverse Flash, as it reappears in the Crisis on Earth-X crossover, with no explanation for his return other than time travel madness.

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The Flash Season 5

Eobard Thawne still dressed as Harrison Wells, in yellow prison jumpsuit and a bulky-looking vest.

By the time of season 5 of The flash, Eobard traveled to 2034 and was locked up in Iron Heights Prison, where Cicada’s dagger is used to keep him powerless. He is scheduled for execution, with a clock next to his cell counting his days, and in his attempt to prevent this, Thawne contacts Barry’s daughter, Nora, and makes her travel back in time to help her. father to fight Cicada.

Thawne’s plan succeeds at the last minute when Team Flash defeating Cicada in the past causes the dagger to disappear in the future just as Reverse-Flash is about to be executed. The evil speedster regains his powers and battles Barry, Nora, and the rest of Team Flash before escaping once more. Sadly, as a result of Thawne’s machinations, Nora is erased from existence.

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Crisis on Infinite Earths

Earth 1 is destroyed by Anti Matter in CW's Crisis On Infinite Earths

Despite his promise to see Barry “in [their] next crisis, “Reverse-Flash is completely absent from the”Crisis on Infinite EarthsCross. However, at the end of the third episode, the Anti-Monitor manages to destroy the multiverse and almost everyone in it, including Eobard.

The surviving Paragons manage to unite and travel to the dawn of time, where they fight the forces of the Anti-Monitor as the Specter restores the multiverse, bringing all who died back to life. In the wake of this event, Reverse-Flash resurrects as negative tachyons and ends up in the mind of Harrison Nash Wells, along with all of Wells’s other doppelgangers.

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The Flash Season 6

Eobard makes his big comeback in The flashThe sixth season episode “Death of the Speed ​​Force”, in which he takes over Nash Wells’s body and locks it up in his own mind. The evil sprinter is locked in the Pipeline, but escapes in the next episode, “The Exorcism of Nash Wells, and attempts to return to his own time using a Time Sphere, only to be incapacitated by Barry and Cisco.

Barry and Cisco are later transported to Nash’s mind by Cecile, and with her help, he manages to overcome the influence of Reverse-Flash. Thawne is expelled from Nash’s mind, once again reduced to negative tachyons, and remains trapped in this form until “Heart of the Matter, Part 2” from season 7 when Barry is forced to restore Eobard’s physical body to Help Team Flash defeat Godspeed. After the climactic battle, Reverse-Flash accelerates, promising to learn how to be faster and defeat the Flash once and for all.

The flash Season 8 is scheduled to premiere on November 16 on The CW.

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