Toby Fox’s Megalovania is instantly recognizable from his appearances in Undertale, but the song has a much longer history than many fans realize.

Under the story it had a ton of memorable elements, including its characters, humor, story, and a genuine message of kindness. It is also known for its soundtrack, which is a wonderful complement to the game and is full of great ambient tracks. One song that stands out among the rest is the final boss theme “Megalovania”, which has quickly become one of the classic video game boss battle themes.

However, the boss fight against Sans was not the first time that Toby Fox used a version of “Megalovania”, as the song had appeared numerous times in previous works in which Fox was involved. In a way, the song is like Fox’s audio signature, in a vein similar to “Totaka’s Song” by Nintendo’s Kazumi Totaka. This is how one of the most iconic boss themes in games became what it is today.

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“Megalovania” was first used in 2008 in Toby Fox’s ROM hack of Land known as Radiation’s Halloween Trick. The game is quite Halloween themed, with missing children, old sewers, lost souls, and a mad scientist using fourth wall breaking tactics to taunt the player. Said mad scientist, Dr. Andonuts, has a climactic boss fight at the end of the game that features the oldest known version of “Megalovania.”

According to the official website of the hack, the inspiration for “Megalovania” was the “Megalomania” clues from the game. Live alive and “Gadocadorrer” by Brandish 2: The Planet Destroyer. This version has a much slower build than the Under the story version, although it certainly sounds like the same track. Given the amount of inspiration Land I was in Under the story and Toby Fox, it should come as no surprise that the first version of “Megalovania” is more subdued and ambient as Landsoundtrack.

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After appearing in Radiation’s Halloween Trick, “Megalovania” would appear again in another medium. Webcomic fans Homestuck You can remember the track “MeGaLoVania” from the scene “(S) Wake”, which is an important point in Homestuckhistory of. Toby Fox was involved in making music for Homestuck, composing around 61 tracks for the original webcomic and spin-off adventure game Hiveswamp.

The Homestuck The composition of “Megalovania” is quite different from the version that most fans know. For one thing, there’s a prominent guitar riff throughout the entire song, giving it a more dramatic punch. Accumulation of Halloween trick The version is there, but it has been shortened dramatically, with the whole song increasing in intensity until the end. After a quick silence, the song re-enters the scene with a guitar solo that fits surprisingly well. Is The version is certainly more cinematic, which is appropriate given the use of the song.

The next version of “Megalovania” is the iconic Under the story version. The build-up that was prominent in the last two versions is gone, with the song in full swing from the start. While previous versions had more layers, this one is more stable to work within the context of Under the story.

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Due to the popularity of Under the story and “Megalovania”, this version of the song would appear in a pair of other games. He surprised fans when he was added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate along with a Sans Mii costume. Stylized as “MEGALOVANIA”, this is a remix of the Under the story version, with fragments of boss themes from Heartache and Papyrus that slipped near the end as a nod to the two characters closest to Sans.

The song’s most recent appearance was as DLC for the rhythm game. Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum’n ‘Fun, although this is not a remix, but simply the Under the story version. Given as Under the story propelled “Megalovania” to immense popularity, some might think it would be difficult for future versions of the song to part ways with the final boss fight again with Sans, where the track cemented the character as an incredible final boss.

However, if there is anything to be said about “Megalovania” in all its versions, it is that this song is versatile enough to be used in everything from narrative climaxes to dramatic final bosses. It’s incredibly likely that “Megalovania” will reappear in Toby Fox’s work, with some kind of new twist on songwriting.

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