Electro Sacks are a unique reward in Monster Hunter Stories 2 that can be used to craft a number of items. Certain monsters drop them after fights.

Electric sacks are one of the many craft supplies in Monster Hunter 2 stories, used to upgrade a couple of pieces of gear that deal elemental electrical damage. Electric Elemental Damage has a chance to inflict a paralysis lineup on enemies, leaving monsters paralyzed for a few turns and unable to attack. This status effect can turn the tide of battle, allowing players and their party to attack multiple turns in a row without taking any damage. Additionally, many monsters have a weakness towards elemental electrical damage, further increasing the damage potential of players looking to use aligned electrical weapons.

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Monster Hunter 2 Stories It has a large pool of monsters that players can hunt and breed monsters, and electric elemental monsters are not in short supply. The beginning of Monster Hunter 2 Stories has no players fighting electric monsters at first. A large portion of early fights sees players fighting many types of non-elemental, poisonous, and fire elementals. After players arrive at Loloska and play through the story for a few objectives, they will begin to encounter new monsters roaming freely in the surrounding areas. Many of these new monsters are electric monsters, and although they are originally locked behind story fights, players can freely defeat them at will to farm Electro Sacs.

How to find (and farm) electric sacks in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Tobi-Kadachi Monster Hunter 2 Stories

The first time players can receive Electro Sacs from a fight, a Tobi-Kadachi, a Monster that was introduced into Monster Hunter: World. On Monster Hunter 2 stories, Tobi-Kadachi uses his speed to attack enemies first. These attacks are usually accompanied by electrical elemental damage or a move that charges electrical attacks. Additionally, Tobi-Kadachi is a monster that players can hatch. The fight against the first Tobi-Kadachi begins when the player tracks him down by following his trail to the Loloska Rocky Canyon.

After the first fight, the Tobi-Kadachi will be available to fight again in the same place where it was found as many times as the player chooses to do so. Players can return to a village to restart the encounter, along with their health and heart meter, or allow enough time in the area for it to reappear. Upon returning to a village, the Tobi-Kadachi will instantly respawn and depending on the catavans they have unlocked, players can use the Monster Hunter 2 Stories quick trip back to the nearest available location.

Alternatively, players can battle Khezu, Red Khezu, or Royal Zinogre to earn Electro Sacs. However, these monsters are tougher than Tobi-Kadachi, so fighting them will take longer with no guarantee of getting an Electro Sac. Royal Zinogre in particular can be challenging as many players may find it difficult to fight this Royal Monster at this stage of Monster Hunter 2 stories.

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Monster Hunter 2: Wings of Ruin stories is available for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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