AfterShock’s new western title, Cross to Bear, sends the infamous Jack the Ripper to the Old West and a secret society is on his trail!

Jack the Ripper travel to the Old West this October in AfterShock’s last offer, Bear cross. This unique twist on the western genre is written by Marko Stojanovic, with art by Sinisa Banovic, colors by Dorde Krajinovic and Aljosa Tomic, and lyrics by Taylor Esposito. Banovic provides the cover; There will also be a variant cover of Tim Bradstreet. The book will be available physically and digitally on October 13.

While Western comics are few and far between today, they were at one time one of the most popular genres in the stands, which coincided with the popularity of the genre in film and television as well; Marvel published a line of westerns, and some of the characters, like the Two-Gun Kid and Rawhide Kid, still appear today. Although Westerns would eventually lose popularity, there are now “revisionist Westerns” that criticize some aspect of a traditional Western or give the genre a new twist. AfterShock is new Bear cross he’s largely a revisionist Westerner, mixing up not just Jack the Ripper, but secret societies as well.

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AfterShock has revealed more details about the book in a press release, as well as providing not only preview pages, but thoughts from the creators on their new book. The action begins as Jack the Ripper flees to the American Old West to avoid capture. On their trail is The Order, a secret society descended from the Crusaders, who have sworn to trample on everything that is unnatural, including Jack the Ripper. Speaking of Cross to Bear’s Influences and inspirations, the writer Stojanovic cited growing up in a constant stream of westerns, which were huge in his native Yugoslavia as a child; Stojanovic highlighted Sergio Leone Once upon a time in the west as a particular favorite.

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Cruz a bear, AfterShock

Cruz a bear, AfterShock

Cruz a bear, AfterShock

Cruz a bear, AfterShock

Although relatively few westerns are produced in any medium today, the genre still exerts a grip on the American imagination and the world as a whole. In citing his influences, Stojanovic mentioned films such as Pat Garett and Billy the Kid as well as Unforgivable—All of which put a new twist on the genre, and Bear cross It will continue this tradition, only adding underground societies and serial killers, concepts that have rarely been seen before in the West. Stojanovic makes his love for Westerns clear and will bring that love and enthusiasm to this project.

AfterShock’s new western Bear cross bring Jack the Ripper to the Old West, giving readers a western like no other and another hit for AfterShock.

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