Suicide Squad writer / director James Gunn says he will always have a post-credits scene to keep viewers close to the credits.

Suicide squad writer / director James Gunn posted on Twitter why he always has a post-credits scene. Post-credits scenes, which are also known as “stingers,” can also refer to mid-credits scenes after some or all of the credits have accumulated. The first movie to have one is Silencers, which was released in 1966. However, they have become particularly popular with superhero franchises, especially in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

After Gunn was initially fired by Disney from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 For old social media posts, decision makers at DC Extended Universe (DCEU) instantly reached out to the filmmaker. While he was eventually rehired on the MCU project, he was still interested in working on Suicide squad. Based on the comic by John Ostrander, the plot follows a group of supervillains who become part of a group called Task Force X. They have been left on an island and must complete their mission to save the world before they are allowed to. leave. Gunn’s confirmed Suicide squad it will have post-credits scenes, and now it explains why.

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Gunn responded to a tweet that referred to the nature of the post-credits scenes. He expressed that he will always have post-credits scenes to make sure people have more reasons to stick around during the credits. Gunn pointed out how much work goes into making a movie, so audiences should read the credits and read the names of the people who tried so hard to make the movie possible. See below Gunn’s tweet:

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The post-credits scene has become quite common in film, television, and video games, where a lot of people hang around throughout the credits to make sure nothing is missed. In some cases, movies will just put a sound clip at the end. While these stingers aren’t always meant to add something to the story or set up a sequel, they do provide something fun for the viewer to stick with. While it has been especially associated with the MCU in the mainstream, it is nothing new to the film medium.

The credits at the end of a blockbuster can be quite long, which is a sample of how many people and how much work it takes to put one of these characteristics together. However, even independent films with short credits have put blood, sweat, and tears into the feature they made. Gunn’s reasoning for always including a post-credits scene is significant and meaningful. If giving a little sting in the post-credits or mid-credits will keep viewers close to fully appreciating those behind the film, then all the power to him. Audiences will have to wait and see what the post-credits scene will be for. Suicide squad when it opens in theaters and on HBO Max on August 5.

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