Boom! Studies reveal preview pages for BRZRKR # 4 from writers Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt featuring illustrations by Ron Garney about a death-seeking immortal.

Warning! This article contains images of BRZRKR, which is a MATURE comic!

Preview pages have been submitted for the fourth issue of Keanu Reeves’ action comic soaked in blood, BRZRKR. The Boom comic! Studios focuses on B., an 80,000-year-old immortal who seeks to achieve his disappearance while working as an agent of the United States government. The fourth issue will reveal the final information about B.

BRZRKR is a limited 12-issue comic book series from the creative team of Keanu Reeves, Matt Kindt, Ron Garney and Bill Crabtree. The project initially raised over $ 1 million on Kickstarter. The series is also in the process of becoming a Netflix movie starring Reeves.

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Boom! Studies revealed the cover art and preview pages of BRZRKR # 4, which will reveal the rest of B.’s tragic origins, including what happened to his parents. The issue also explores B.’s current mission and whether it is possible to find a way to get rid of his immortality. The covers shared below for the fourth issue include a main cover by Rafael Grampá, who worked on the art for Return of the Dark Knight: The Golden Boy. The first variant is from Christian Ward (Invisible kingdom) and the second variant is from Mirka Andolfo (Sweet paprika).

Brzrkr # 4 Cover A

Brzrkr # 4 Cover B

Brzrkr # 4 Deck C

Brzrkr # 4 Page 1

Brzrkr # 4 Page 2

Brzrkr # 4 Page 3

Brzrkr # 4 Page 4

Brzrkr # 4 Page 5

The preview pages shared for this issue are certainly less graphic than previous gory issues from BRZRKR. The idea of ​​the government creating an army of super soldiers is very reminiscent of Marvel’s vision of the creation of Captain America, though it presents reasonable motivation for why the government would help B. recover his memories as part of a deal to create more fighters like him. Readers also have an idea of ​​how it has been used as a weapon throughout his life, from his father to the United States government. It seems that things don’t really change as much as would be expected over the course of 76,000 years.

Fans have loved the adventures of B., who has been called John Wick Meets Wolverine. The last number, BRZRKR # 4, will only be available in comic book stores and Boom! Studio Web Store as of July 28, 2021. The first four issues are also collected together for the first time in BRZRKR VOL 1 SC, which will launch in comic book stores on September 29, 2021, followed by a bookstore launch on October 5, 2021.

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Source: Boom! Studies


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