Villains and heroes don’t have much in common when it comes to morality, but there are a few things they do share. One of those things is costumes and secret identities, as many villains subscribe to the same school of thought as heroes, trying to hide their villainous lives from civilians. However, some villains, like some heroes, do not hide their identities at all.

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Many Marvel villains have no problem with their enemies knowing who they are, even if they use code names. These intimidating foes see no reason to hide and are among some of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel Universe.

9 Doctor Doom has never been shy about letting everyone know who he is

Doctor Doom is not the type of person to hide his identity, despite wearing a mask. He’s too arrogant for that kind of thing – he wants his enemies to know who’s behind all his suffering. Half of being Doctor Doom is letting everyone know that none of them rival Doom and self-promotion, which is pretty much the same.

You’d think his name was made up, but it isn’t, he uses his last name in his villain name, which makes perfect sense as it is the perfect last name for a world conquering villain. Beyond that, it is virtually impossible for someone to not know who he is, as he is the only world leader to wear powerful and deadly armor.

8 Thanos’ name spreads fear throughout the cosmos

thanos marvel comics

Thanos is one of the most dangerous beings in the entire Marvel Universe and he wants everyone to know it. The slightest whisper of his name is enough to cause fear in beings anywhere and even the gods fear him; You don’t need any objects of supreme power to fight your enemies or terrorize entire galaxies. Thanos would never allow himself to be known by any other name: being the scariest being in the universe has its privileges.

Even if someone decided to go after his family to get back at him, it wouldn’t exactly work. Thanos doesn’t care enough about any member of his family to even think about changing their name to keep them safe.

7 Ultron concealed his identity at first, but was later revealed in all his glory.

The villain Ultron seeks to destroy all human life.

Ultron is constantly being refined, becoming more and more dangerous as the years go by. At first, he concealed his identity a bit, posing as the Crimson Cowl and leading a team called Masters of Evil against the Avengers, but since he revealed himself, he has never again hidden behind a false identity.

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Hiding his identity is superfluous for Ultron, it is simply not necessary. The Avengers and all the heroes of the Marvel Universe know exactly who he is and what he is about. As an android, you really have no reason to pretend to be someone else.

6 Cassandra Nova may not have been honest about her relationship with Xavier, but her name is well known.

Like Doctor Doom, Cassandra Nova has a name that is too cool to hide. She is one of those names in which there was practically only one professional career for her: being a supervillain. Cassandra Nova has done a lot of very bad things and she never tried to hide who she was.

The closest she came to hiding her identity was not telling everyone that she was Charles Xavier’s sister, but even then, that doesn’t hide her identity. She tries to stay in the shadows, but once revealed, it’s about that life, so to speak, letting everyone know who she is.

5 Sebastian Shaw used his industrial power and place in society to his advantage

Sebastian Shaw is one of the strangest mutants of all, but not because of his powers or anything like that. For one thing, he’s never had a problem using his real name in his bad deeds, possibly because he’s so rich and well-connected that he knows nothing sticks with him. As a member of the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle, he’s used to rubbing shoulders with the rich and powerful and getting his way.

The strange thing about Shaw is that his company was responsible for supplying Project: Wideawake, a government anti-mutant project, with Sentinels. His greed knows no bounds and he doesn’t care if mutants get hurt as long as he makes a profit.

4 Grim Reaper always takes aim at his brother Wonder Man and is not shy about it

It is not very difficult to discover the identity of the Grim Reaper, even if he tried to keep it a secret, he is always after his brother Simon Williams, also known as Wonder Man. He also lets everyone know as he cannot stop talking about it so much that he hates his brother all the time. It is almost as if his entire identity is based on telling people who he really is.

Like his brother, Eric Williams is also nearly impossible to keep dead, which is fitting for someone called the Grim Reaper. He may have concealed who he was at first, but eventually it was impossible to keep it a secret.

3 Baron Strucker has always used his real name

Baron Strucker leads Hydra

Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker is a superior Hydra who has been alive for a century. Due to the death spore virus, he stopped aging years ago and has been fighting the forces of freedom for decades. While Strucker has taken a backseat to other Hydra bigwigs, he has never made a secret of who he was.

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Coming from an aristocratic background, Strucker is probably proud of his heritage. He also knows that hiding his identity won’t stop anyone from chasing him, so he doesn’t even try. His infamy helps him in many circles, as many have heard of Strucker and fear him for good reason.

2 Baron Zemo is proud to be Zemo

Both Zemos, whether Heinrich or Helmut, have always used their real name. For Heinrich, as a Nazi, he had no reason to hide his identity during the war and with his distinctive costume, it was easy to find out who he was. For Helmut, the reason was both similar and simple: He wore the family colors and was proud of his heritage.

Helmut Zemo would arguably become more famous than his father, rising through the ranks of Hydra and handing the Avengers some rather ignominious defeats. While impersonating others, it’s usually just part of the plan.

1 Red Skull’s identity has been known for years

Red Skull Secret Wars 3

Red Skull was born Johann Schmidt and was evil almost from the beginning. Hitler took sympathy for him, trained him, and would become the Red Skull, setting him on the path of atrocity. During World War II, his true identity was unknown, but after the war, he revealed himself and did not even try to deny who he was; he didn’t really care who knew.

Like other villains, he sometimes pretended to be someone else, but in the end, he always revealed himself as Johann Schmidt, the Red Skull. While it is too late to put the genie back in the bottle, he doesn’t care who knows who he is, as long as they fear him.

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