The Time Bending, Bullet Spray series turns 20.

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On July 23, 2001, Max payne It burst onto the scene and has since become one of the most influential and fondly remembered action games of the time. Now, with the series turning 20 today, the people who gave the character its iconic appearance and voice have come together to pay tribute to the character.

To celebrate the special occasion, Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind the first two games, as well as game makers like Control Y Alan Wake, brought together the voice and face of the main character. Sam lake, the face of Max and the creative director of Remedy, and James McCaffery, the voice of Max, celebrate both the character and the series in a Twitter video. The video closes with Lake dawning Max’s leather jacket as McCaffery delivers a birthday monologue that strikes that balance of humor and cynicism so well it could only come from Max Payne.


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Steam has also joined in the celebration, putting not just the original game, but all three games on. sale right now until July 26. That means you can get your hands on digital and enjoy the entire series for under $ 20. Whether you’re deciding to revisit the game for its anniversary or want to try the series for the first time, selling is the best way to go. .

In the 20 years since the original title, the Max payne The series saw two more entries, as well as a film adaptation. The last entry that was published was Max payne 3 back in 2012 and no noise has been made about the iconic character’s return. It can be argued that Max payne 3 Max’s story ended, and no sequel is needed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hope for a possible remake or remastering of Third Person Shooter’s cornerstone.

Check out the cool video of the meeting below.

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A writer is currently working on a script for a Val-Zod limited series, according to sources.

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