MCU: Top 10 Flashback Scenes

The MCU has always been about creating a huge crossover universe filled with interesting storylines, epic heroes, and mischievous villains. To create such an attractive world, it is necessary to consider the past, the present and the future. Marvel has done this to perfection by showing viewers flashbacks to help further develop their beloved characters.

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Whether the scene showed an important event that got the characters to where they are today, or perhaps it showed why their motives are what they are, the MCU has done it remarkably at times. These flashback sequences are some of the most memorable scenes in the MCU and were vital in shaping its future.

10 When T’Chaka killed Erik Killmonger’s father before his eyes

It’s fair to say that Erik Killmonger is one of the most compelling villains of all time, and it’s his origin story and motives that made him so great. Killmonger’s attempt to overthrow T’Challa to reclaim the Wakandan throne seemed reckless and brutal at first, but the crucial scene revealed all about why he was so ruthless.

Not only was his father N’Jobu arrested and then killed in front of the young Killmonger’s eyes, but the people of Wakanda left him alone and to fend for himself for all those years with no one to care for him. The reveal was so critical that it gave T’Challa a massive change of mind in the way Wakanda operated vis-à-vis the rest of the world.

9 Bucky and Steve’s friendship was perfectly demonstrated when Bucky comforts Steve after his mother’s funeral.

Bucky Barnes in his army uniform handing a paper to little Steve Roger.

Bucky and Steve have one of the best friendships in the entire MCU, it’s a shame the best years of that friendship happened before Steve became Captain America and fought in WWII. They were always side by side, regardless of whether one was being hit in an alley or the other was being mind controlled by HYDRA.

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Probably his best moment Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where Bucky comforts Steve after his mother’s funeral and takes him home. He offers her a place to stay and tells her his iconic “I’m with you to the end of the line” friendship line. I wish we could have seen more of them before their superhero days.

8 Arguably the saddest of all was watching Peter Quill say goodbye to his mother

Meredith quill

Guardians of the Galaxy It was an exciting and joyous journey through space with a host of new characters that fans immediately fell in love with, but the opening scene actually had a completely different tone. This scene is a flashback to when Quill was just a child and his mother sadly passed away from cancer.

He is seen in the ’80s refusing to hold her hand on his deathbed and is visibly distraught as he runs outside, which is where Yondu kidnaps him. The scene is incredibly sad and showed viewers the real reason behind Quill’s love for that mixtape, as it was a gift from his mother moments before she died.

7 Sylvie’s arrest by TVA showed why she was so ruthless towards Loki

Kid Sylvie in Loki Episode 4

Loki introduced a lot of new concepts, characters, and revealed some important things about the MCU in its first season. One of those bright new sparks was the Loki Sylvie variant, played by the amazing Sophia Di Martino. Her character was fueled by her tragic past, where she was taken captive by TVA only as a child and forced to live her life in apocalyptic worlds to hide from them.

Her plan to destroy the TVA was at the center of the show and led to a ton of incredible revelations, so it was amazing to see her as a child moments before the TVA took her away. After playing with a Valkyrie toy in Asgard, a young Sylvie was taken away and arrested as a variant by the TVA. The flashback even shows slightly younger Revonna Renslayer, who was also involved in the arrest.

6 Watching Wanda grow up and her love for comedies was one of the best parts of the show

After the big reveal that she was Agatha the entire time, Wanda was taken on a journey down memory lane to discover the origin of her powers, which was later revealed to be chaos magic, as she is the Scarlet Witch. Agatha took her back to some of her deepest memories, from her childhood in Sokovia to her and Pietro’s later years, where HYDRA spent years experimenting with them.

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Of all the memories, the happiest, and the one that inspired the strange but wonderful show format, was where Pietro and Wanda are seen spending their time laughing and watching sitcoms to escape their reality. The Dick Van Dyke Show it was playing in the background and it showed just how influential sitcoms were in his life, or dream life we ​​should say.

5 The brutal murder of Stark’s parents will be one of the biggest hits in the MCU

bucky barnes kills howard and maria stark captain america civil war surveillance footage

Captain America: Civil War It was a massive turning point in the Marvel world and put a real wrench in the works with the impending attack on Earth by Mad Titan Thanos himself. The movie started with the two disagreeing over the new Sokovia Accords, with the pair on completely opposite sides of the argument, but the fight escalated to the extreme, nearly killing each other when this bomb was revealed.

It is revealed that Bucky Barnes, when he was the Winter Soldier and was brainwashed by HYDRA, was responsible for the murder of Stark’s parents in the 90s, while Tony was in his late teens. The flashback propelled Tony straight to collapse and sparked a fight with Cap and Bucky that nearly led to his death.

4 Finally getting some glimpses of Black Widow’s past was epic

Black Widow Red Room Scarlett Johansson

One of the most memorable moments of Avengers: Age of Ultron It was when Wanda mentally controlled the original six Avengers and sent them into their biggest nightmares. One that particularly stood out was the flashback to Black Widow’s past in the Red Room, especially since her past was so much more secret than that of the rest of the Avengers.

Her darkest memory returned her to the room where she was taught to kill for the rest of her life and she was stripped of any freedom. In fact, after waiting for years, Marvel finally showed fans more than a glimpse of his upbringing on his own. Black widow solo movie.

3 Seeing The Original Ant-Man & The Wasp in action has to be on the list

Hank and Janet in the quantum realm clipped

In the Marvel comics, Ant-Man and Wasp are actually founding members of the Avengers, that is, Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne’s versions of the respective characters. The movies obviously reconfigured this, but in Ant-man and the wasp, it was revealed that the two worked side by side during the Cold War as America’s top superheroes.

The flashback saw them trying to stop a Soviet missile attack. Unfortunately, this is exactly how Janet got lost in the Quantum Realm for years after shrinking between the atoms and never returning. The scene was heroic and heartbreaking at the same time and helped fans to sympathize with both Hope and Hank.

2 Tony Stark’s constant nightmares of the Battle of New York had some major consequences for the MCU.

It’s fair to say that Tony Stark was one of the most important characters in the entire MCU, if not the most important, which means his decisions had huge consequences. On iron Man 3Stark constantly had flashbacks of the Battle of New York, where he floated in a wormhole watching what he thought would be his end.

These constant nightmares led him to try to protect his family and the world as best he could, but perhaps he did it the wrong way. From creating Ultron who wreaked havoc in Sokovia and accepting the Sokovia Accords out of guilt, Tony was a factor in ripping the Avengers apart and eventually seeing his nightmare come true in Avengers: Infinity War.

1 Thanos and Gamora’s relationship began a long time ago when he decimated the planet of his people.

Avengers: Infinity war It was a massive hit and while it was called an Avengers movie, it was actually a Thanos movie, as he completed his search for all six Infinity Stones. Of course, to be a great villain, he has to have something that matters more to him than the mission, and for Thanos, that is his adopted daughter Gamora.

This flashback showed viewers how their relationship began, with Thanos acting as a father figure to Gamora as his men slaughtered half the population of that planet. In fact, he even gives her the double-bladed razor, which she wore to the events of that movie. This relationship was Thanos’s weakness, and the flashback showed it perfectly.

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