Screenshots Shared by Windows Central’s Matt Brown on Twitter Show Microsoft Flight Simulator Looks Amazing on Xbox Series X | S.

After spending time with a preview version of Xbox Series X | S of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Windows CentralMatt Brown shared some impressive screenshots of the game running on current generation consoles. The screenshots are excellent, even on Microsoft’s lowest-priced hardware, the $ 299 Xbox Series S.

Microsoft’s latest aircraft simulator title has left longtime fans and casual gamers in awe of the game’s stunning visuals, which are often reproduced Microsoft Flight Simulator difficult to distinguish from reality. Entire cities, forests, and dynamic weather patterns can be rendered in real-time 3D thanks to Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing technology, which processes and transmits petabytes of data on the backend. But nevertheless Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) released in August 2020 on PC and then made its way to VR headsets, the console versions have yet to be released. Microsoft announced at its E3 2021 showcase in June that the game will come to the Xbox Series X hardware | It’s on July 27, almost a year after the initial PC launch.

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Before Microsoft Flight Simulatorconsole debut, Windows Central‘s Matte Brown shared six beautiful screenshots on Twitter of the game actively running on a preview version of Xbox Series X | S. All three X Series screenshots were taken from the cockpit view of three different aircraft, each displaying a distinct and impressive view in 4K resolution. After sharing the initial X Series screenshots, Brown went on to share three screenshots taken on the S Series. One image shows a picturesque island surrounded by the ocean, the second focuses on a cockpit view, and the third shows an urban landscape from the outside of an airplane. . Regarding the construction of the S Series, Brown notes: “So far REALLY impressed with the optimizations in this version. “

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MSFS it seems remarkable on the S Series. In a sense, it’s not surprising, given that much of the game’s processing is done via the cloud. On the other hand, the cloud doesn’t run the entire game, so it’s still impressive that the S Series can run MSFS as well as it does. The S Series is destined to be Microsoft’s entry-level Xbox machine, after all. In comparison, the capabilities of Xbox Series X with respect to Microsoft Flight Simulator They were less in doubt, as 4K footage of the game appeared during the Xbox presentation at E3 in June.

Console gamers have waited a long time Microsoft Flight Simulator to get to your preferred platform, so it’s exciting that the critically acclaimed PC title is available to a wider audience. Developer Asobo Studio is also adding a number of accessibility features to coincide with the console’s launch, providing gamers who would otherwise be intimidated by the prospect of launching a flight simulator a way to easily get into the game. . With a free Top gun the update will arrive later this year and the helicopters will arrive in 2022, Flight simulator fans still have a lot of new content on the horizon.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available for PC and will come to Xbox Series X | S on July 27, 2021.

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