According to some hidden historical references in Miraculous, Cat Noir’s Kwami Plagg has a much darker backstory than we think.

While the characters in the title of Miraculous: The Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir They are saving Paris with flashy transformations and super moves, it’s easy to miss the source of the powers that allow them to do it all. In fact, the beings who grant them such powers, the kwamis, are a lot of more powerful than we give them credit for. Plagg, in particular, the Kwami of Destruction, has devastating historical notoriety, perhaps even qualifying as apocalyptic territory.

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Plagg’s unfortunate powers apparently wiped out the dinosaurs, and more

The kwamis are ancient and immortal beings, referred to as having existed since the dawn of time. And although its existence is kept secret from the public, its presence can be found peppered throughout history. In addition to being incredibly adorable, each embodies a unique superpower that they can share with others through their respective Miraculous. They do this by transforming their miraculous owner into an animal-themed being capable of wielding such magical prowess.

Plague, unfortunately, has powers that are powerful enough to cause significant damage, even inadvertently. In Season 2, Episode 21, “Style Queen: Queen’s Battle Part 1”, it is mentioned that Plagg is only responsible for the leaning of the Tower of Pisa, the sinking of Atlantis and, most surprisingly, the extinction of the dinosaurs. With this reputation, Master Fu, the guardian of Miracles, considers Plagg too dangerous to use his powers without an owner.

While kwamis don’t typically use their own powers, in the same episode, Plagg uses Cataclysm only to help Ladybug in a desperate situation. He uses his signature super move on the Eiffel Tower, causing the structure to severely crack and become unstable, falling onto a nearby bridge and surrounding buildings (Ladybug fixed the damage at the end as usual). Based on this, as well as Plagg’s backstory, this claims that Plagg is one of the most capable, yet dangerous Kwamis out there. He is the very embodiment of destruction.

Cat Noir only uses a fraction of Plagg’s true power

However, when Cat Noir uses Cataclysm, the destruction it inflicts is on a much smaller scale, destroying objects, corroding parts of buildings, and malfunctioning technological equipment. While it can still kill, and therefore it is still incredibly dangerous, the damage done is more controlled compared to Plagg, whose control is clearly limited.

That said, Cat Noir can only exhibit only a fraction of what Plagg can, wielding the Cat Miraculous’s powers in a restricted way, which ultimately has a better chance of preventing calamity. This implies that each Kwami is much more powerful than its Miraculous owners. While it is unknown if other Kwamis need an owner to keep their powers in check like Plagg, the main reason for having human Miraculous owners appears to be to keep Kwamis’ existence a secret, using humans as their conduits.

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Did Tikki correct Plagg’s destructive mistakes in the past?

Miraculous Ladybug Tikki Plagg

In relation to Plagg’s powers having a huge (negative) impact on human history, there is an interesting fan theory that speculates that Tikki, the Kwami of creation and Plagg’s opposite, may have created humans for compensate for Plagg’s error after the extinction of the dinosaurs. This theory was suggested by a Reddit User and it really carries a lot of weight. Since Tikki and Plagg are opposites, the intensity of their abilities is likely to be equal. This is backed by the extent of Ladybug’s powers, as she can repair any damage caused by her fights against Hawk Moth, no matter how substantial.

Looking at the immense possibilities of Plagg’s powers, it is comforting to know that the miracle cat is entrusted to someone who uses him to be a hero, using him with compassion and mercy. The show even has Cat Noir grappling with the consequences of what Cataclysm can do with a single misstep in Miraculous World: New York, United Heroez, solidifying the responsibility that comes with owning any superpower, especially one capable of total disaster. It’s fascinating to see Cat Noir use these powers with a destructive story as a means of doing good now.

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