A surprising location in Georgia has become a predominant setting in Stranger Things, The Hunger Games, and The Walking Dead.

Bellwood Quarry in Atlanta, Georgia, is a massive granite quarry within the city’s largest green space, the 280-acre Westside Park. According to the Department of Watershed Management, the site has more than 2 billion gallons of water in its reservoir to provide Atlantans with a supply of safe and clean drinking water for the next hundred years. However, apart from its infrastructure, Bellwood Quarry is a beloved place that appears in many movies and TV shows, in particular, Strange things, The Walking Dead Y The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

Bellwood Quarry is quickly reaching icon status, as several popular movies and TV shows have been installed on the Atlanta Reservoir, and for good reason. This beautiful and impressive, but somewhat haunted setting is an incredibly adaptable filming location. With its towering cliffs and deep blue waters, this sprawling territory west of downtown Atlanta feels like it’s in the middle of nature, not within the limits of a city. So it’s no wonder that some of the top-grossing movies and TV shows have taken advantage of the highly versatile nature of the Bellwood Quarry.

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Hopper investigates Will's disappearance in Sattler Quarry, aka Bellwood Quarry in Stranger Things

Fans of Strange things will recognize the location from Season 1 as the location where the Hawkins Police Department recovered a fake Will Byers body that Hawkins National Laboratory agents placed in the water. Known on the show as Sattler Quarry, the area is also where Troy, the series’ resident thug, terrorizes Mike and Dustin at knife point. He wants to know how he was forced to wet himself at his school assembly, an act of revenge for which Eleven is responsible, but he doesn’t believe Dustin when he tries to explain what really happened.

Along with his best friend James, Troy launches a threat, claiming that he will cut Dustin’s teeth if Mike doesn’t jump off the cliff into the water. Troy holds the gun to Dustin’s neck and counts down as Mike approaches the edge. Then, foolishly and with good intentions, he takes the leap, a fall that surely would have killed him if not for Eleven’s surprise intervention. Coming to his rescue, she levitates Mike to safety with her telekinesis, and then uses her powers to throw James to the ground and break Troy’s arm.

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Bellwood Quarry is also featured throughout the first season of The Walking Dead as the survivor’s base of operations. Nicknamed the Atlanta Survivor Camp, the series’ main characters, including favorites Rick, Daryl, and Carol, take refuge from the zombie outbreak there, beyond the perils of the city. However, the infected eventually invaded the camp, forcing the group to seek safety elsewhere after numerous members of the group were tragically bitten and turned. Consequently, Rick and company take a chance and return to Atlanta to the Center for Disease Control, where season 1 reaches its dramatic conclusion.

Notoriously enough, Bellwood Quarry is also a significant setting in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 during one of the most memorable scenes in the entire franchise. With a film crew in tow, Katniss Everdeen and her childhood friend Gale rest by the reservoir after escaping from the Panem Capitol. At this point, Pollux, a rebel and former slave who had his tongue cut out, asks Katniss to sing a song. As the film crew documents her performance, Katniss sings a chilling rendition of “The Hanging Tree,” a folk ballad taught to her by her father, as various images of the rebellion against Panem flash across the screen. Ultimately, the resounding song is used as propaganda against the Capitol to propel the Mockingjays and oppressed districts into action.

In fact, this impressive expanse of land is becoming an increasingly recognizable place on and off screen. And while the reservoir has been featured primarily in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror movies and television series, including season 4 of The vampire diaries Y The divergent series: Leal, the previously abandoned space has also appeared in quite a few films outside of those genres. In fact, before appearing in Strange things, was the final destination of the road trip in The basics of care, the site of the rafting scene in National Lampoon Vacation and the area where Dom and Brian jump out of a Corvette and plummet into the water in Fast five.

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