Since Summer House started in 2017, there have been a few villains that have been in and out of the house. Here are the biggest villains throughout the years.

Since Summer house Released in 2017, there have been a few villains in and out of the house. While they may not be absolute villains in real life, they were at the center of the drama most of the time and received a lot of negative reactions from fans. Some of these cast members even left because the viewer’s perception couldn’t be changed after their villainous behavior on the show.

When a new season of Summer house begins, viewers tend to give the cast members a clean status for the season. However, sometimes it is difficult to forget some of your bad deeds from the previous year, and the audience will reproach you until they can redeem themselves. For the cast of Summer house, some viewers have been able to forgive the villains of the past, while others have not.

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4. Kyle Cooke

Kyle Cooke may be the king of Summer house today, but it hasn’t always had that title. During the early seasons of the Bravo series, the audience was unhappy with the way he treated his then-girlfriend, Amanda Batula. In the first season, he broke up with her so that he could be single while he was at the summer house. Yet he called her every weekend for a “sleepover.” He even cheated on her after two years of being an official couple. However, Kyle has managed to redeem himself as he and Amanda have become the “couple” of Summer house.

3. Luke Gulbranson

Luke Gulbranson - Summer House

During Luke Gulbranson’s first season on Summer house Last year, viewers believed that she was playing on Hannah Berner’s feelings all summer. Even her best friend and housemate, Paige DeSorbo, noticed Luke’s promiscuous ways. Fans didn’t like how Luke would chase Hannah on the weekends, but he hooked up with other women during the week. Luke was even dating another girl that he admitted to sleeping with while chasing Hannah.

2. Lauren Wirkus

lauren wirkus cropped summer house

At the beginning of Summer house, viewers were cheering for Lauren Wrikus and Carl Radke’s relationship to work out. However, fans’ minds changed after the way Lauren reacted to Carl by keeping things causal. Although Carl could have been more respectful, Lauren was equally disrespectful to Carl. After Stephen talked about Carl’s threesome with a man, Lauren never had Carl’s back. Stephen revealed a private matter for Carl and Lauren did nothing to support him.

1. Hannah Berner

hannah berner in summer house

The most commented Summer house This year’s villain is, of course, Hannah Berner. For the duration of Summer house season 5, Hannah made it look like Luke was leading her when, in fact, she had a boyfriend all the time. Hannah also constantly mentioned that Kyle was cheating on Amanda and even said that the people in the house were jealous of her. At the meeting, Carl mentioned when Hannah spoke negatively about Luke’s mental health and suicidal thoughts during a podcast episode two years ago. Shortly after the reunion aired, Hannah announced that she will not be returning for season 6.

Summer house Season 6 is well underway, with a couple of the villains above making a return. Even though Kyle and Luke were once perceived as villains, they have made a total of 180 and are now considered the good guys in the house. New cast members are expected to join the new season, so a new villain could emerge in season 6.

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