Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 1 ends with a surprising victory and an even more shocking transformation.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the first part of Seaso.n 1 of Masters of the Universe: Revelation, now available on Netflix.

In the first five episodes of Kevin Smith Masters of the Universe: Revelation, the stakes are high with He-Man and Skeletor destroyed in an explosion. Sadly, there will be a lot of collateral damage to come as Teela reconciles Eternia’s past with her present, realizing that the planet is truly broken without her champion. She is tasked with assembling a team to gather the halves of the Sword of Power to return magic to the planet and the cosmos at large.

However, not everything is what it seems, and when the end of Part 1 of the series comes, the most despicable villain in the franchise wins the final victory.

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Strengthening the sword of power

Sorceress and Evil-Lyn in Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Teela, Andra, Lyn, Beast Man, and Roboto enter Preternia after Orko’s sacrifice in Subternia. They have half the sword, and Prince Adam, surprised as always to find them in this heroic afterlife, grants them the second half. Teela is in awe of this paradise, but the job is not done yet, as they need King Grayskull’s tower, which has the essential mystical power to finish the job.

Roboto turns it into a giant furnace, unlocks the cosmic energy from its own core, and uses the last remnant of Eternia magic that Sorceress gave Lyn, burning the halves together to finally reshape the weapon. Sadly, Roboto dies in the process when his circuits are fried, but he tells Teela, his ‘sister’ as did his father, Man-at-Arms, that he feels fear as a human in his last moments. that is why it is a “miracle”.

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The return of Prince Adam

An inspired Adam decides to go with Teela and company back to the land of the living through the gateway that provides the Grayskull residence. The king warns him that he may not be able to re-enter this Paradise, a kind of Valhalla for the past champions of Eternia, in case he dies again, but Adam is fine with that. He has made his peace with Teela and feels he has unfinished business, not just as a protector, but as a prince and son of King Randor and Queen Marlena.

They head through the portal to the castle, where Man-at-Arms is holding the Tri-Klops cult of technology and protecting the Sorceress. Fortunately, the presence of the sword revitalizes the place and makes the foliage bloom again. Teela stimulates Adam and he begins to invoke the Power of Grayskull to transform into He-Man and send magic through a dying cosmos. But sadly, before Adam can finish the magic words, he is impaled in the back.

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Skeletor is reborn … as Skelegod!

Skelegod in Masters of the Universe: Revelation

It is none other than Skeletor, who has the Havoc Staff once again. He has emerged from Lyn’s wand staff, admitting that he hid his essence in the weapon when the explosion in the first episode from the Sorceress Orb appeared to kill him and He-Man. In fact, he’s been corrupting Lyn all this time, which is why in Preternia he seemed to be in a rush to get back to reality – he was truly a greedy and impatient Skeletor who wanted his hands on the sword.

The heroes are helpless, and as Teela holds a dying Adam, everyone is shocked that Skeletor plotted so cleverly in the shadows, using Eternia’s plight to capitalize on and steal the prize he always wanted. He beckons Lyn and Beast Man back to his side and surprisingly, they return. The villain then uses the sword to invoke the power himself and becomes a true “Master of the Universe”. Skelegod. With this update, it will be interesting to see what this almighty giant Skeletor will represent now that he is a true god who has seemingly eliminated the only man who could stop him.

Produced by Kevin Smith, the first five episodes of Masters of the Universe: Revelation are now available on Netflix.

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