On the way to surprising the audience and making them laugh, The good place I also had many moving moments. The sweetest scenes on the show are those that feel uplifting and rewarding in the context of the show’s themes and character development.

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Many of these Hallmark moments are related to the gradual and deep development of Eleanor and Michael as individuals and in their relationships with each other. In addition to being rewarding and satisfying, many of these scenes also contain valuable lessons that the audience can learn from, which is part of the show’s focus on trying to become the best version of themselves that anyone can be.

9 Jason encourages Tahani to be kinder to herself

When Tahani tries to throw an awesome neighborhood party, Vicky tortures her by simultaneously throwing an unbeatable party with fireworks and magical animals. As someone who prides herself on throwing the best parties and being an impeccable hostess, Tahani feels humiliated that Vicky’s party is incredibly better than hers. She spirals even more when she begins to believe that she is a vain and superficial person.

When Tahani is at his lowest ebb, Jason is encouraged with empathetic and wise advice. He tells her to be kinder to herself. Much of the torture used in The good place it is self-inflicted torment. Jason’s advice is an important reminder that everyone can benefit from, as people criticize themselves too often when they should be nicer.

8 Eleanor brings Chidi’s fantasy of paradise to life

Chidi and Eleanor dock their boat

Chidi engages in her moral duties, often at the expense of her own happiness. While this is impressive, it can also be sad and frustrating. Chidi struggles to come to terms with this as he dedicates himself to helping Eleanor and teaching her to become a better person while denying himself his paradisiacal dreams.

Eleanor proves that she truly cares for him by bringing Chidi’s fantasy of nerdy paradise to life in one of her best moments, as he always wanted to row a lake with a bottle of wine and some French poetry. Eleanor proves that she can be kind and considerate and surprise Chidi in the best way.

7 Michael’s Pep Talk with Eleanor

Kristen Bell as Eleanor and Ted Danson as Michael in The Good Place

When Eleanor loses faith in herself and some of the other Soul Squad members begin to lose faith in her as well, Michael gives her a much-needed pep talk. He helps her see that it is okay to be imperfect and feel that she is not capable of running the experiment that will determine the future of humanity in the afterlife.

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He praises her for being tough, tough, having a big heart, and being able to see through people’s lies and deceptions. These traits are what make her the only person who can get the job done. Moments like these show the development of Michael and Eleanor’s relationship and the power to believe in her even when she doesn’t believe in herself.

6 Michael calls Janet his oldest and dearest friend

When Janet’s failures threaten to destroy the neighborhood and expose the alliance between Michael and the humans, Janet believes the only way to salvage the situation is for Michael to marble her and replace her with another Good Janet. Michael keeps making excuses for why he can’t do it until he finally admits that he can’t do it because Janet is his oldest and dearest friend.

This moment occurs only a few episodes in season 2 after Michael began working to redeem himself. It shows how much you have developed since you value your friends on the success of your plans. Not only does he value his friendships, but he sees this Janet as his own person whom he loves and respects, and not just a helpful assistant in the afterlife.

5 Al-Jamil’s parents reconcile with their daughters

Tahani and Kamilah Al-Jamil reconcile with their parents at The Good Place

Since they were children, Tahani and Kamilah were confronted by their parents. Desperate to win his approval, the sisters would do anything to outshine each other and thus had a bitter relationship. While Tahani and Kamilah eventually reconciled, it seemed impossible that the parents who were the root of the problem would ever see the error of their ways.

Thanks to the trials they had to go through to enter the Good Place, Al-Jamil’s parents came to understand what they were doing to their sons, and when they got there they apologized for everything and expressed how much they loved their daughters. It was heartwarming to see the Al-Jamil family reconcile and spend many happy Jeremy Bearimys together after a lifetime of resentment and toxicity.

4 Eleanor and Chidi say “I love you”

One of the most game-changing moments in Eleanor and Chidi’s relationship comes on reboot 119 when they say “I love you” to each other. Chidi is usually an indecisive person and Eleanor spent her entire life struggling with commitment.

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It is momentous for both of you to profess your love with such ease and confidence without hesitation. It shows the strength of your relationship and how it helps you grow as individuals. Although their memory of the moment is erased, they cannot deny the genuine love between them when they see a recording of it.

3 Eleanor is the answer

Chidi and Eleanor in The Good Place season 4

Before Chidi’s memory is erased at the end of Season 3, he writes “There is no answer, but Eleanor is the answer” on a piece of paper and gives it to Janet. When Chidi regains all of her memories in season 4, the first thing she does is ask for the role to give to Eleanor. Chidi and Eleanor’s love transcends the erasures of memory, life and death itself.

Their relationship has endured countless obstacles, but they always find a way to persevere. Even though Chidi and Eleanor have been unsure about many things, their romance is something they can be sure of, and it also helps them find the answers on how to fix the afterlife.

2 The Soul Squad enters the good place

A shocking plot twist from season 1 revealed that Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason were actually in the wrong place. After being tortured through 802 attempts at Michael’s experiment, being brought back to life, conducting an experiment of their own, and figuring out how to fix life after death, it’s only fitting that they finally get to the real Good Place.

No one deserves it more than them and it’s only fair that the other members of the Soul Squad (Michael and Janet) go with them too. This group fought tirelessly to make things better and stick together and it’s satisfying to see them rewarded for the fruits of their hard work, even if they end up needing to fix the Good Place as well.

1 Michael becomes human

The Good Place - Michael plays guitar

Michael was always fascinated by humans. He got excited about the smallest human things like paper clips or a rewards card. This made it a fitting ending for Michael to become human towards the end of the series finale. After all his curiosity, fascination, and admiration for people, it’s gratifying that he got to be.

He got his own rewards card, learned to play guitar, texted a friend who was 5 minutes away when he actually hadn’t left his apartment yet, told a stranger to “take it from bad way, “and he was delighted with all this. experiences. Michael came to a great conclusion and ironically taught many people great life lessons about humanity.

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