In the latest issue of Marvel’s Thor, a big reason is revealed why the God of Thunder and Odin are in trouble due to Asgardians’ perceptions of time.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Thor # 15

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Thor, the God of Thunder reveals one of the main reasons why he hated his father Odin. Due to his recent struggles with his mighty hammer Mjolnir, Thor has left his throne as the new king of Asgard to visit Earth and speak with Steve Rogers’ Captain America. As they speak, Thor reveals how he perceives time due to his status as immortal, and plays an important role in the reasons why he and the former All-Father were often at odds, especially when it came to his love for Midgard. and its heroes.

The God of Thunder has actually been the King of Asgard since War of the Realms ended, which saw Odin finally yielding the throne to his powerful son. However, Thor’s rule has been a wild ride thus far, and the entire time he’s been struggling with his hammer as it gets heavier and harder to handle. That being said, Thor has finally figured out why he’s in Thor # 15 from writer Donny Cates and artist Michele Bandini, and travels to Earth to share what he has learned with Captain America, a fellow warrior who was worthy enough to lift Mjolnir up in the comics of the past.

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While the reveal that Thor’s new role as king is what’s causing problems with his hammer is interesting, his confession to Captain America about how to perceive the flow of time is equally intriguing. According to Thor, the Avengers’ recent battle against Knull the Symbiote God at Marvel’s King in black it feels like a single second memory. Likewise, the Son of Odin remembers all his adventures with the Avengers “like a mortal remember what he had for breakfast a year agoAs a result, Thor then says that whenever he returns to Earth, he is always grateful that all of his allies and friends are still alive, so it makes sense for him to feel some bitterness towards his father Odin whenever he sent him away from the world. and of the people who love so much:


No wonder Thor and Odin fought often, especially considering how fleeting the lives of mortals are in the eyes of the God of Thunder. Likewise, it makes sense why Odin would have viewed Thor’s love for Earth as trivial. However, every time Odin sent him to fight on his behalf it was a moment when Thor had no idea whether his allies and friends had simply died due to old age and the passage of time. While Odin and Thor share similar values ​​of honor and loyalty, this new reveal shows that Thor will always be a bit bitter at his father for taking him away from Earth so often.

Although Thor has a deep love for Midgard, his existence as an immortal being makes every moment he has with the ties and friendships he has formed incredibly meaningful. Lives to them feel like hours to the new King of Asgard. Having said that, Odin no longer sits on the throne of Asgard. Thor He does, which means that he now has many responsibilities to keep him away from Earth even without his father ordering him to fight for him in the Ten Realms, making his current status quo quite tragic as the new king of Asgard.

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