In one of the classic Punisher battles with Wolverine, the former Weapon X received two brutal attacks that should have killed him.

The X-Men Glutton is known for its extremely powerful healing factor and Frank Castle effect Punisher it certainly put him to the test with one of his most brutal attacks. Featured in one of his more classic fights, the Punisher found himself in the crosshairs of ancient Weapon X and needed to buy some time without Wolverine getting in his way. While his first attack was incredibly gruesome, it only served to annoy Logan. The second and third attacks were truly brutal and horrible, although they gave Frank Castle the time he needed to escape and have a breather in future issues.

In the early 2000s, the Punisher faced Wolverine in Punisher # 16-17 from writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson, providing one of the craziest fights Wolverine has ever walked away from. It’s a well-known Marvel fact that Wolverine is nearly impossible to kill, as he was shot, stabbed, and exploded practically on a daily basis, only surviving thanks to his healing factor. So when the Punisher blows up Wolverine’s face with a shotgun in Punisher # 16, Logan is still standing with his face already beginning to heal even though his adamantium skull is on full and gruesome display.

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However, it is as follows Punisher # 17 where things get really awful. Knowing that Wolverine will keep getting up to chase him even after he literally went below the belt and fired his gonads, Frank Castle resorts to even more drastic measures. Needing the means to give himself a day or two before Logan inevitably starts chasing him again, Castle soon finds the perfect solution, and it’s horrible: The Punisher uses a steamroller to slowly but completely crush Logan.

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While this gave the Punisher the time and space to breathe he was looking for, it came at the cost of making Wolverine an enemy in the future. Wolverine’s last act before his healing factor obviously had to ramp up was to give Frank the middle claw, and it is evident that the two of them left their fight on very bad terms. While Wolverine and Punisher would eventually have a series of teams in 2004, the pair certainly didn’t have much kinship or camaraderie (although Castle might have earned Logan’s respect).

Regardless, getting run over by a steamroller after having his face and cute parts blown off further goes to show just how powerful Wolverine’s mutant ability truly is. While it certainly took time for him to heal and grow everything, the fact that he was able to walk away like it never happened will never be remarkable and will serve as one of the coolest mutant powers in the Marvel Universe. Leave it to Punisher to push Wolverine power to its limits, and it is without a doubt one of the most horrifying and hair-raising attacks Logan has ever survived.

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