WWE is reportedly requesting that fan favorite Daniel Bryan be eliminated from the upcoming WWE 2K22 after rumors that he left for AEW.

A recent report hints that WWE has requested that Daniel Bryan be removed from the next WWE 2K22. Rumors have circulated that Bryan (real name Bryan Danielson) has been in talks to join the rival wrestling promotion All-Elite Wrestling since his contract with WWE expired earlier this year.

Bryan, a longtime favorite among WWE fans, is reportedly weighing his options regarding where he intends to sign up next, with reports stating that he wishes to work with New Japan Pro Wrestling. AEW already has a warm relationship with them (several prominent AEW stars like Chris Jericho and even AEW Vice President Kenny Omega have fought for NJPW in the past), and WWE’s attempted partnership with them last month is said to have pushed Bryan towards possibly registering with AEW. Unfortunately for fans of WWE games, this could spell the end of a nearly 10-year streak of being able to play as the American Dragon in 2K interactive wrestling simulators.

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According to SEScoops, wrestling writer and journalist Dave Meltzer claims that WWE requested that Daniel Bryan be pulled from the upcoming WWE 2K22 in the last issue of Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This edict supposedly extends to all other outlets and outlets, meaning that fans probably shouldn’t expect new Daniel Bryan jerseys or action figures for the foreseeable future, at least not from WWE.

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WWE 2K22 Wrestlemania Announcement Tease

The WWE 2K The series has been fighting an uphill battle of franchise fatigue for quite some time, one that reached its zenith with the disastrous, glitch-ridden launch of WWE 2K20 two years ago. Not even Daniel Bryan’s presence on the roster could save the troubled installment from the huge backlash it received, which was so severe that 2K decided to rest its main fighting series for 2020. Now, the developer promises a new direction with this year. WWE 2K22, which was unveiled during the two nights of April Wrestlemania PPV event.

The alleged loss of Daniel Bryan could be difficult for some players looking to buy WWE 2K22 later this year, given how hugely popular he is with wrestling fans. For WWE to remove you so easily from not just your next video game, but all future merchandise, it means your time with the company is probably at an end, although you still have the ability to re-register with WWE if so. choose. However, if Daniel Bryan is moving to AEW, maybe he can get a spot in the upcoming AEW fighting game from former WWE developer Yukes.

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Source: SEScoops

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