In the Marvel Universe, there are few heroes greater than Captain America. Known for his ability to inspire others, he is one of the greatest leaders out there. He’s someone everyone can look up to for a variety of reasons – he never gives up, he’s the first to break through, and will fight anyone if it means saving the lives of those who can’t fight on their own.

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While not perfect, there are few heroes who are better role models than Cap. Over the years, he has proven time and time again that he is the best role model, setting an example for everyone to follow.

10 Before being Cap, he wanted to fight the Nazis regardless of his physical condition

A skinny blond man stands in a laboratory while an older man hands him a beaker.  In the next panel, he drinks it while other scientists watch.

Before the super soldier serum, Steve Rogers was a 98-pound lad, but even then, he had a well-developed sense of right and wrong. At a time when most Americans were ignorant of the Nazi threat, Steve wanted to stop them before things got out of hand and enlisted when he first got the chance, feeling the way the tide was turning.

Steve had little to no chance of joining the military, but that didn’t stop him from trying. He wanted to do his part against the greatest evil of his time and nothing would stop him.

9 He could see villainous misdeeds of the past

Captain America, Quicksilver, Hawkeye, and the Scarlet Witch in Avengers # 16.

Cap quickly became the leader of the Avengers after joining. Eventually the founders of the team, Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man, and Wasp, left and he had to repopulate the team. He took an unexpected turn and cast three villains for the group: Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Hawkeye.

Instead of accusing them of their past actions, he took a chance on them and it paid off. The three of them would become an integral part of the team, and while Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver had their missteps, the world would be a lot worse off, and probably wouldn’t exist, if it weren’t for Cap taking a chance on them.

8 He was eager to help foster the next generation of heroes

Captain America and Falcon Charge

From his earliest days, Cap always had a partner. He got used to being a mentor and that paid off in later years as he was always finding new heroes to guide and teach.

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Cap took his responsibilities seriously, and one of them was passing on what he learned. He knew there was always the possibility that he might not be around forever, so he made sure to groom others to take his place, just in case.

7 It wouldn’t stop until the Winter Soldier was redeemed

Captain America and the Winter Soldier lean toward each other, screaming.  Cap holds his shield and the Winder Soldier holds a rifle.

Captain America may be tough, but he’s also a great softie. This was never more apparent than when he learned of the Winter Soldier’s identity. Cap wouldn’t stop until his old friend was back to himself and risked his life to make it possible. In fact, his life didn’t matter, reclaiming his friend’s life did.

Cap never gave up on Bucky and did his best to make sure he could break free from what had been done to him. He wanted Bucky to get his life back and that was all that mattered to him.

6 Even when his super soldier serum gave up, he still fought

The super soldier serum gave Cap his physical abilities, but it wasn’t foolproof. Over the years, it has been given to him more than once, leaving him feeling his age and fading. However, even with his body betraying him, Cap does not give up the fight; he keeps going no matter what.

At one point, this meant wearing Tony Stark-made armor that protected him and allowed him to deliver the same blow as before. More recently when it’s over, he may have taken a backseat when it came to missions, but he still helped as much as he could, acting as a SHIELD agent. Although it was more dangerous, he kept fighting.

5 He stood face to face with the Infinity Gauntlet wielding Thanos and never flinched

The battle against Thanos when he had the Infinity Gauntlet was very different in the comics than it was in the movies. In the movies, the heroes were able to stand up to him for a time and he didn’t kill any of them until he broke out. In the comics, he killed almost all of them without even trying until the only one left was Captain America.

Cap walked up to him and looked Thanos in the eye, he stood his ground, and even when Thanos broke the shield and held it in place, he was unfazed. He struck the Mad Titan in the face and was dispatched with a backhand. He faced evil, even almighty evil, regardless of the consequences.

4 He fought his own government many times

Nomadic Captain America Cloak

Captain America may have represented America, but that doesn’t mean he was happy with everything the US government did. In fact, many times over the years, Cap has found himself at odds with the government. , fighting them when things got worse or ditching his Captain America mantle, changing his disguise with sometimes outlandish results.

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Cap loves the people and ideals of America, and the government doesn’t always live up to that. He saw no problem speaking up when necessary and would take up arms against the government when things got really bad, like in Civil war.

3 During the Civil War, he never allowed his side to get as bad as Iron Man’s.

Cap fighting the Punisher during the Civil War

Civil war It was a bad time overall and most of it was down to Iron Man’s side and his downright terrible acts. Iron Man had decided that his side was going to win regardless and did his best to ensure victory. Even working with villains and using untested cybernetic clones like the Thor clone that killed Goliath. Cap, however, never got that far.

He also had his chance when the Punisher joined in, but the moment the Punisher acted as himself, executing two villains who had come to offer their services alongside Cap, Captain America beat him up and got rid of him. It may have been a war, but Cap was going to be honorable about it, unlike his enemies.

2 Surrendered at the end of the Civil War to stop the fighting

At the end of Civil war, Cap and company were winning: Namor and the Atlanteans had joined them and Cap himself had Iron Man on the ropes. However, the civilians grabbed him, detained him, and his protest was eye-opening: the fighting was causing massive damage. No one was protected, they were in danger.

This revelation broke him and he gave up, ending the fight because it was the right thing to do. Of all the destinations at the end of Civil war, his would eventually be the most tragic, as it led to his murder on the courthouse steps.

1 Fought in WWII


To say that Cap fought in WWII and that’s why he’s such a great role model seems like a no-brainer, but thinking of it that way also degrades how important he was and how much he means to his myths and the world. He was directly opposed to a power that wanted nothing more than extermination and subjugation, fighting for freedom.

Even with his super soldier upgrades and shield, he was still extremely dangerous and yet that didn’t take Cap off at all. He threw himself into the breach with no thought for his own safety, only wishing to protect the innocent from the Nazi war machine and end his threat to the world.

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